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Anvil Stardew Valley: Complete Guide

Anvil Stardew Valley: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on April 7, 2024

In the ever-expanding world of Stardew Valley, the Anvil stands out as a game-changing addition for players. With the introduction of the Mastery System, the Anvil becomes a coveted piece of equipment. If you’re ready to take your combat skills to the next level and make the most of the Anvil in Stardew Valley. This guide will show you how to unlock, build, and use this powerful tool.


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Unlocking the Anvil in Stardew Valley

To unlock the Anvil in Stardew Valley, you’ll need to dive into the Skill Mastery System. This means leveling all your skills to ten and then accumulating enough Mastery Stars through experience to claim Combat Mastery.

Once you’ve achieved this milestone, the Anvil recipe is yours, and you can start thinking about crafting it. Remember, you’ll need a hefty supply of 50 Iron Bars to construct the Anvil, so it’s time to start mining or saving up.

Understanding Trinkets

Trinkets are a new type of equippable item that arrived with the Anvil in Stardew Valley, offering unique benefits when worn. These items become available once you’ve claimed Combat Mastery, opening up a new equipment slot.

You can find trinkets by defeating monsters in the mines and Skull Cavern or purchasing them from certain vendors. However, note that two specific trinkets, the Basilisk Paw, and the Magic Hair Gel, cannot be altered using the Anvil.

Building the Anvil

After unlocking the Anvil in Stardew Valley, constructing it is your next step. Gather your 50 Iron Bars—a task that may require several mining expeditions or purchases from the Blacksmith. Once you have the necessary materials, access your crafting menu and select the Anvil to add this essential equipment to your farm. Place it strategically, as you’ll be visiting it often to enhance your trinkets.

Using the Anvil Effectively

The Anvil’s primary function in Stardew Valley is to re-roll the stats on your trinkets, giving you a chance to boost their effectiveness. To use the Anvil, hold the trinket you wish to enhance and interact with the Anvil.

After a few seconds, the trinket will emerge with new stats, which you can review in your inventory. Be prepared to spend three Iridium Bars each time you use the Anvil, and weigh the potential for both stronger and weaker stats before deciding to re-roll.

Tips for Using the Anvil in Stardew Valley

When using the Anvil in Stardew Valley, consider the following tips:

  • Only re-roll trinkets that you feel could significantly benefit from improved stats.
  • Stockpile Iridium Bars to ensure you have enough resources for multiple attempts.
  • Be cautious with re-rolls, as there’s always a chance the stats could decrease.

Remember, the Anvil is a powerful tool, but it comes with risks. Use it wisely to enhance your combat experience in Stardew Valley.


The Anvil in Stardew Valley is a testament to your dedication and combat prowess. By unlocking this equipment, you open up a world of customization for your trinkets, allowing you to tailor your combat style to your liking. Whether you’re seeking to maximize your damage output or enhance your defensive capabilities, the Anvil provides the means to achieve your goals.

So gather your materials, claim your Combat Mastery, and start forging a path to victory with the Anvil by your side. Happy adventuring, and may your trinkets always bear the mightiest of stats!

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