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What are Bonds in Rise of the Ronin?

What are Bonds in Rise of the Ronin?

    Last Updated on March 29, 2024

In the expansive world of Rise of the Ronin, forming Bonds is not just a narrative device. It’s a core gameplay element that shapes your journey. Bonds in Rise of the Ronin extend beyond mere acquaintances, they have relationships with individuals, entire regions, and even political factions.

These connections are important, unlocking new skills, exclusive items, and steering the story’s direction. Let’s delve into the various types of Bonds you’ll encounter and how they can be nurtured to your advantage.


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What Are Bonds?

Bonds in Rise of the Ronin represent the relationships you forge throughout your adventure. These connections are more than just friendships; they’re strategic alliances that grant you gameplay benefits such as combat styles, store discounts, and unique items. As you deepen these Bonds, you’ll receive blessings that significantly impact your experience in the game.

Ronin Bonds Overview

Ronin Bonds in Rise of the Ronin measure your overall influence within the game’s world. As you strengthen your ties with different characters and factions, your Ronin Bond level increases, rewarding you with special items, status titles, and even new gestures.

This overarching Bond is influenced by your relationships with areas, individuals, and factions, making it essential to understand how to cultivate each type.

Viewing Your Bonds

To keep track of your Bonds in Rise of the Ronin, you’ll need to access the Bond menu. This can be done by pressing the Options button to open the game menu and navigating to the Bond tab. Within this menu, you’ll find three pages detailing your Ronin and Faction Bonds, Personal Bonds, and Area Bonds, each providing insights into your current standing and the benefits you’ve accrued.

Area Bonds Explained

Area Bonds in Rise of the Ronin reflect your connection to a specific region’s community. As you increase your Area Bond level, you’ll unlock vital locations on your map, revealing places to find treasure chests, banners, fugitives, and more. These Bonds signify not only your knowledge of a region but also your rapport with its inhabitants.

How to Improve Area Bonds

Enhancing your Area Bonds in Rise of the Ronin involves contributing to the well-being of the community. Engaging in Chance Encounters, restoring order in Unruly Areas, defeating Fugitives, and praying at Shrines are all actions that will bolster your Area Bonds. As these Bonds grow, you’ll enjoy discounts at local shops, which are invaluable when preparing for the challenges ahead.

Personal Bonds Explained

Personal Bonds in Rise of the Ronin are the connections you establish with the game’s diverse cast of characters. Strengthening these bonds can unlock Bond Bonuses, which may include new combat styles or the ability to recruit characters for missions.

Personal Bonds also influence the game’s narrative, unlocking additional conversations that can provide deeper insights into the story and characters. There are four levels of Personal Bonds, ranging from Acquainted, Friendly, Inseparable, and Fated. Additionally, some characters may even offer a Favour, leading to a more intimate relationship through a Veiled Vow.

Raising Personal Bonds

To increase your Personal Bonds in Rise of the Ronin, you’ll need to show genuine interest in the characters’ lives and passions. This can be achieved by:

  • Completing Story Missions with the character as an ally.
  • Accomplishing Bond Missions related to the character.
  • Agreeing with the character during conversations, which can be initiated at their home base or by inviting them to your longhouse.
  • Presenting gifts that align with the character’s interests, indicated by a heart icon in the gift-giving menu.

Faction Bonds Explained

Faction Bonds in “Rise of the Ronin” represent your alliances with either the pro-shogunate or anti-shogunate factions. These bonds are pivotal to the game’s political narrative and can affect market discounts within faction-controlled areas. Your initial choice to join one of the dueling missions will set the stage for your Faction Bond and ultimately shape the story’s outcome.

How to Raise Faction Bonds

Faction Bonds are increased by completing missions for either the anti-shogunate or pro-shogunate factions. These missions are color-coded on your map for easy identification.

Additionally, strengthening your Personal Bonds with characters associated with a particular faction will also enhance your Faction Bonds. For example, improving your relationship with Kogoro will boost your anti-shogunate Faction Bond. However, bonding with Taka will benefit your pro-shogunate Faction Bond.


Understanding and developing Bonds in Rise of the Ronin is essential for a rich and personalized gaming experience. Whether you’re forging connections with local communities, building relationships with key characters, or navigating the political landscape.

Your Bonds will shape your journey and the skills and resources at your disposal. Engage with the world of Rise of the Ronin, invest in its inhabitants, and watch as your Bonds transform your adventure in profound ways.

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