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Rare Skill Points Rise of the Ronin: Complete Guide

Rare Skill Points Rise of the Ronin: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on March 29, 2024

In the action-packed world of Rise of the Ronin, Rare Skill Points play a pivotal role in shaping your character’s abilities and combat effectiveness. Unlike regular skill points, which are readily obtained through leveling up, Rare Skill Points in Rise of the Ronin require specific actions to acquire.

This guide will illuminate the path to earning Rare Skill Points, ensuring your ronin is equipped with the skills necessary to face any challenge.


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Earning Rare Skill Points

Rare Skill Points in Rise of the Ronin are a precious commodity, and understanding how to earn them is crucial for your progression. While regular skill points come by simply leveling up, Rare Skill Points necessitate a more deliberate approach. You can earn them through various means. Such as banking Karma, completing side quests, using special treatises, and strengthening bonds with allies.

Banking Karma

One method to gain Rare Skill Points in Rise of the Ronin is by banking Karma at Veiled Edge Banners. This process involves converting your accumulated Karma into Rare Skill Points, but it comes with a risk. If your character dies before the conversion is complete, all Karma will be lost to the enemy. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure your character’s survival during this critical process.

Completing Side Quests

Side quests in Rise of the Ronin are not only engaging diversions from the main storyline but also a source of Rare Skill Points. By seeking out and completing these quests, you can earn skill points that will unlock new abilities and enhance your character’s stats.

Utilizing Treatises for Rare Skill Points

In Rise of the Ronin, treatises are valuable items that, when used, grant you Rare Skill Points. There are four different treatise. Each corresponding to one of the primary stats: Strength, Dexterity, Charm, and Intellect. Acquiring and utilizing these treatises is a strategic way to gain Rare Skill Points and improve your character’s capabilities.

Strengthening Bonds for Rare Skill Points

Another way to earn Rare Skill Points in Rise of the Ronin is by strengthening your bonds with allies. Taking on missions that enhance your relationships with other characters can lead to rewards in the form of Rare Skill Points. These bonds not only contribute to your character’s development but also influence the narrative of the game.

Using Rare Skill Points

Once you’ve obtained Rare Skill Points in Rise of the Ronin, you can use them to upgrade various stats. Each stat has its own skill tree, accessible under the Stats section of the Main Menu. Here’s a breakdown of how to acquire specific Rare Skill Points and their effects:

Rare Skill Type

How To Acquire ItEffect
StrengthPersonal Bonds, Fugitive Rewards, Completion Rewards
DexterityPersonal Bonds, Training Rewards, Completion Rewards
CharmPersonal Bonds, Cat Collecting Rewards, Completion Rewards
IntellectPersonal Bonds, Photography Rewards, Completion Rewards

Respecifying Builds with Rare Skill Points

If you find that your current build in Rise of the Ronin isn’t to your liking, you have the option to respec at the Longhouse using a Brust Kit. This allows you to reallocate your Rare Skill Points and tailor your character to better suit your preferred playstyle.


Rare Skill Points in Rise of the Ronin are a crucial element in customizing your character and enhancing your gameplay experience. By engaging in various activities and missions. You can collect these points and strategically invest them in the skills that best complement your approach to the game. R

emember to explore all avenues for earning Rare Skill Points and use them wisely to become the most formidable ronin in the land.

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