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How to Earn Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin

How to Earn Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin

    Last Updated on March 28, 2024

In the immersive world of Rise of the Ronin, Silver Coins stand out as the premium currency that can unlock a wealth of exclusive items and benefits. Unlike the standard coins that fill your purse from fallen enemies, Silver Coins are a rarer commodity, requiring specific actions to acquire.

This guide will delve into Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin, helping you understand their value and how to make the most of them.


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Understanding Silver Coins

Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin are your ticket to some of the most coveted items in the game. These metallic rectangles are not found in the pockets of your vanquished foes. Instead, they are earned through completing certain tasks that demand a bit more effort and ingenuity. Understanding how to collect Silver Coins is crucial for accessing the unique rewards they can purchase.

Earning Silver Coins

There are several ways to earn Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin, each involving different side missions and activities within the game. From the noble pursuit of cat collecting to the adrenaline-fueled challenge of defeating fugitives, these missions not only enrich your gameplay experience but also fill your coffers with this valuable currency.

Cat Collecting for Silver Coins

One of the more whimsical ways to earn Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin is through cat collecting. Usugumo Dayu, a courtesan in Miyozaki’s Pleasure District, has lost her many cats, and it’s up to you to find and return them.

As you increase your Area Bond, you will see more cat locations in your map, guiding you to more cats. Approach with care, especially the skittish Calico cats. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts with Silver Coins.

Defeating Fugitives for Silver Coins

Restoring public order is another avenue for earning Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin. By taking down fugitives, who often lead bands of unruly bandits, you contribute to the peace of the region and are rewarded with Silver Coins. These mini-bosses are marked on your map once you’ve raised your Area Bond, making it easier to track them down and claim your bounty.

Photography Missions for Silver Coins

Photography Missions present another opportunity to accumulate Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin. After acquiring a camera from Igashichi Iizuka, you can embark on missions to capture in-demand images.

Visit the Photography Studio, accept a mission, and snap the required photo, Afterward, return to the studio to exchange your pictures for Silver Coins. This not only adds a creative twist to your adventure but also contributes to your wealth.

Training for Silver Coins

Training facilities in “Rise of the Ronin” offer a variety of challenges that reward Silver Coins upon completion. Whether you’re honing your firearm skills, practicing horseback archery, engaging in dojo sparring, or navigating a glider course. Each activity provides a chance to earn Silver Coins while improving your combat prowess.

Spending Silver Coins

Once you’ve earned Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin, you’ll find several markets and traders eager to exchange them for high-quality items.

From Usugumo Dayu’s Cat Collection store to the Photographic Studio and various traders and black marketeers, these establishments offer a range of exclusive goods. Keep in mind that some items may have additional unlock requirements, such as collecting a certain number of cats or defeating fugitives.


Silver Coins in Rise of the Ronin are more than just currency. They’re a gateway to exclusive rewards and a testament to your dedication to the game’s side missions.

By engaging in cat collecting, fugitive hunting, photography, and training. You’ll not only enrich your gameplay experience but also gain access to items that can give you an edge. So, venture forth, collect those Silver Coins, and indulge in the unique treasures they can buy.

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