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Cat Concierge Rise of the Ronin: Complete Guide

Cat Concierge Rise of the Ronin: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on March 27, 2024

In the captivating world of Rise of the Ronin, not only do you engage in thrilling combat and explore a beautifully rendered Japan, but you also have the chance to partake in unique side activities, such as the Cat Concierge service.

This innovative feature, introduced by the geisha Usugumo Dayu, allows you to send out cats to assist others and collect a variety of useful items. If you’re intrigued by the idea of a feline-based business venture, this Cat Concierge guide in Rise of the Ronin will provide you with all the details to get started.


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What Is The Cat Concierge in Rise of the Ronin?

The Cat Concierge service in Rise of the Ronin is a passive reward system that lets you send out cats on missions to accompany others. These missions strengthen your bonds with clients and increase your influence in different areas.

Moreover, it also rewards you with items that is crucial for your journey. Understanding how to effectively manage this service will ensure that your feline friends are not just a source of companionship but also valuable allies in your quest.

Accessing the Cat Concierge Menu in Rise of the Ronin

To access the Cat Concierge menu in “Rise of the Ronin,” you’ll need to visit your longhouse. Once inside, select the ‘Housekeeping’ tab, and from there, choose ‘Cat Concierge’ from the list of new options. This menu is your gateway to assigning cats to missions and reaping the rewards of their hard work.

In the Cat Concierge menu, you’ll find ‘Standby’ slots where you can assign cats to various missions. Select a mission, review the details, and send your cats off to fulfill the request. Each mission has specific requirements, such as the number of cats needed and the time it will take to complete.

Understanding Mission Specs in Cat Concierge

When selecting a mission for your cats in the Cat Concierge service of Rise of the Ronin, you’ll encounter a mission brief that provides all the necessary details:

  • Description: This gives you an overview of the client’s needs.
  • Location: Indicates where the mission will take place, affecting your Area Bond.
  • Client: Identifies who is requesting the service, which could influence your Ronin Bond or Personal Bond with specific characters.
  • Request: Lists the number of cats required and the duration of the mission.
  • Recommended Stats: Suggests the Cat Concierge Stats needed for a higher chance of success.
  • Rewards: Details the items you’ll receive upon successful completion of the mission.

Cat Concierge Stats in Rise of the Ronin reflect the attributes of the cats in your collection, corresponding to the game’s Primary Stats: Strength, Dexterity, Charm, and Intellect. To enhance these stats, you’ll need to expand your feline roster by finding and collecting more cats throughout the game.

Collecting Rewards from Cat Concierge Missions

After your cats complete their missions, you can collect your rewards by returning to your longhouse. A notification will present you with the fruits of their labor, marked with a cat icon. The quantity and quality of these rewards can vary based on how many other players have assigned their cats to the same mission.

Improving Your Cat Concierge Service in Rise of the Ronin

To maximize the potential of your Cat Concierge service in Rise of the Ronin, focus on two main areas: cat collecting and bonding with Usugumo Dayu. More cats mean more missions and better stats. A stronger bond with Usugumo unlocks additional client slots, allowing you to take on even more requests.


The Cat Concierge service is a charming aspect of Rise of the Ronin that provides players with a stream of rewards. By diligently collecting cats and managing your missions. You can ensure a prosperous venture that supports your endeavors as a ronin. So, embrace the company of your whiskered companions. Let the Cat Concierge service be a cornerstone of your success in the game.

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