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Why Is Sun Haven Better Than Stardew Valley?

Why Is Sun Haven Better Than Stardew Valley?

    Last Updated on April 26, 2023

Sun Haven is the new kid on the block, and it kind of steps on the toes of Stardew Valley. Sporting similar mechanics, we cannot help it if we compare the two farming simulation games. As for its comparison, I personally believe that Sun Haven edges out Stardew Valley.

In this article, we will discuss why Sun Haven is better than Stardew Valley.

Gameplay: Sun Haven

Sun Haven Gameplay

Sun Haven got Stardew Valley beat when it comes to gameplay. While both games feature similar activities, Sun Haven got more in its bag than its predecessor. Being a fantasy game helps Sun Haven beat out Stardew Valley in terms of overall gameplay.

Being set in a world where magic exists certainly helps Sun Haven’s case in this comparison. There are spells available that will certainly help you in your daily life. From casting Earthquake to the ever-helpful Rain Cloud, these spells fully make use of Sun Haven’s fantasy setting. 

Besides the magic of it all, Sun Haven does not have a stamina bar. Additionally, you can customize how long each day would take. These features are extremely useful especially when you want to do so many things in a single day. 

To add insult to injury, Sun Haven boasts a robust Skill Tree that you cannot see in Stardew Valley. Each category is filled to the brim with skills waiting for you to unlock. With all of these in mind, there is no doubt that Sun Haven features better gameplay. 

Social Aspect: Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Gameplay is Superior

While Sun Haven’s gameplay is superior, Stardew Valley’s social part of the game is unbeatable. The storyline of each character is clearly well-written, and their backstories are worth knowing. 

Both games have dating features, but Sun Haven was clearly lacking in this regard. The dates in Sun Haven are disappointing, and they left a bitter taste in my mouth. It was just a conversation with nothing interesting about the character.

Stardew Valley’s cutscenes when you date a character are far superior as they offer a respectable backstory for the character. In this regard, Stardew Valley got a score on its board thanks to its social features. 

Combat: Sun Haven

Sun Haven Combat

This shouldn’t come across as a surprise to you. Thanks to its fantasy-RPG element, its combat is more diverse and fulfilling. In Sun Haven, you can encounter monsters outside of the mines. There are forests filled with monsters who are cute and scary to face.

The game has three weapons such as swords, crossbows, and magic. While these selections seem too little, the game makes up for it with a plethora of spells. From fireballs to chain lightning, these combat spells are fun to use and a pleasure to see. Thanks to its core elements, Sun Haven gets another point on the board for its combat. 

Playability: Sun Haven

Stardew Valley Loses to Sun Haven Playability

While there are many activities available in Stardew Valley, Sun Haven has more in its bag that keeps you hooked. If you think Stardew Valley has an ample amount of quests, it will pale in comparison to Sun Haven.

Sun Haven features a main storyline that will take hours upon hours of your time. If that is not enough, there are side quests available per character all throughout the game. Moreover, they also have a bulletin board that refreshes after a certain amount of time.

If that is not enough to convince you, Sun Haven has three cities you can play in. Each city features a new cast of characters, currency, crops, and animals. Additionally, you will have a farm for each city. All-in-all, Sun Haven is a more engaging game than Stardew Valley ever will be.

Winner: Sun Haven

Stardew Valley vs Sun Haven Winner

I’m not saying that Sun Haven is much better than Stardew Valley, but it does slightly edge out its predecessor. Sun Haven’s gameplay, combat, and playability give it a slight advantage over Stardew Valley.

Personally, I think that Sun Haven can conquer the Stardew Valley Burnout. Sun Haven gives you more things to do, and the ability to do it at your own pace. Overall, Sun Haven is a better farming simulator.

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