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Review: Why is Genshin Impact so Successful?

Review: Why is Genshin Impact so Successful?

    Last Updated on May 25, 2023

Genshin Impact has seen global success ever since its launch in September 2020. This open-world, action role-playing game (ARPG) provides players with a unique storyline, captivating character designs, and engaging gameplay, allowing it to capture such a large fanbase.

The online Genshin community is also one of the most dedicated fandoms in creating content on social media. Furthermore, with each patch update, the game’s following only continues to grow bigger. Now, what exactly makes Genshin Impact so successful? Here are some reasons why the game continues to be popular and successful.

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Open-World Concept

Genshin Impact isn’t the first open-world RPG created, nor will it be the last. However, one of this mobile game’s biggest selling points is the incredible landscapes of Teyvat. Players can explore massive mountains, delve into vast caves, and dive into an entire world beneath the sea. The exploration also doesn’t stop there.

These areas are designed to encourage players to spend time traversing the game’s expansive map. Thanks to the updates and upcoming content, it will only keep expanding. It’s even more fun exploring the regions with friends in co-op mode while taking down a few mobs on the way.

Genshin Impact Art Style

Genshin Impact Art Style

One of the factors to Genshin Impact’s success is its art style, which draws inspiration from anime. The rise of anime games in recent years on a global scale also contributed to the game’s success, as many fans of the genre are more than enthusiastic about consuming as much content as possible.

The game also introduced some of the most attractive character designs and unique looks. The designs also perfectly represent the characters’ personalities. Players can see both an idol and a nun in Barbara thanks to her outfit. Chongyun’s cool-toned color palette indicates that he is a Cryo vision holder. It’s these small details that make the game so appealing to its fanbase.

Genshin Impact Lore

The ongoing expansion of Genshin Impact’s lore with each update has played a significant role in the game’s lasting popularity. As more of the world is revealed, players uncover numerous mysteries, enticing thousands of fans to unravel the history of this universe. The lore community of the game remains strong, as there are still countless unanswered questions to be explored.

Players also get to explore the backstories behind each playable character, giving them a glimpse of their favorite characters’ opinions and views in life. It also helps them better understand the character—how they think, how they work, what motivates them to do certain things, and many more.

Tons of Character Choices

Genshin Impact Characters

Having 64 playable characters is no easy feat, but it’s another factor that makes Genshin Impact successful. Players have a plethora of characters to choose from. Whether they care about the meta or are more into following their types, everyone is free to build whoever they want, however, they want.

The game also has tons of characters that can fit certain roles, from a DPS character to a healer and support. You’ll never run out of playable characters to choose from, and these represent a wide range of cultures and characteristics.

Genshin Impact Gacha System

Although Genshin Impact is free-to-play, it has a gacha system that allows players to spend money to acquire Genshin Crystals and Primogems, which are in-game currencies. These currencies allow players to pull from banners in hopes of getting the featured 5-star character and/or 5-star weapon.

These in-game microtransactions helped HoYoverse end 2022 with a little over $4 billion in lifetime revenue, according to NextShark. It shows rapid financial success, especially compared to other video games released alongside it.


Genshin Impact has some of the most magical soundtracks ever, hands down. Not only does it help create an immersive world where the music reflects the region’s culture, but it also showcases the characters’ uniqueness during the drip marketing phase and when their character trailers drop. Honestly, the OST is one of the many things players look forward to when a new region is about to be introduced.

Games usually follow a certain formula, or recipe if you may, to success. Genshin Impact is no exception. The game offers an immersive world to explore, accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack, and many playable characters that you can spend a ton of time experimenting with. 

What do you think makes Genshin Impact so successful, and what makes it so appealing to the global community? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section. While you’re here, here’s a walkthrough on how you can clear the Spiral Abyss.

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