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NBA 2K23: Is It Good? – Game Review

NBA 2K23: Is It Good? – Game Review

    Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Another year; another NBA 2K game. While such is the norm for any sports gaming series, the NBA 2K series, in general, has generated quite a bit of heat from gamers worldwide for purportedly releasing the same game from one year to the next. So, does the same sentiment hold for their newest game in the franchise, NBA 2K23? Read on and find out. Here is our review of NBA 2K23.

Breaking the Cycle of Disappointment

The past few years have been tough for the NBA 2K series itself, but more so for its avid fans. For one, fans are now increasingly getting tired of the lack of innovation from one iteration to the other. Perhaps it’s series fatigue, but they are now starting to see the recent NBA 2K games identical to one another.

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They argue that it is the same game, featuring the same mechanics, graphics, sound bites, and everything every time just with an increasing number at its title. Basically, it became a cycle of disappointment that series fans just couldn’t get away from.

It certainly felt as if it now falls down to the great people at 2K games to break the mold. It has since become their responsibility to free basketball game diehards from this vicious cycle. And that, they did.

Despite many people branding NBA 2K23 as nothing more but a reskin of the disappointing NBA 2K22 even before its release, the game managed to thrive. So much so, that the same people now argue that it may just be the best NBA 2K game to date!

NBA 2K23 is incredibly impressive. The game features a number of improvements over its predecessor, including updated graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and a variety of new modes. 

Its attention to detail seems unmatched. The game’s visuals are some of the best in the series, with realistic player models and detailed arenas that make you feel as if you are in an actual NBA game itself. Moreover, the gameplay has also been improved. It features a new shooting system and a more responsive dribble mechanic.

Casuals may not necessarily notice or see these major changes. However, the fans of the sports game franchise certainly appreciate everything NBA 2K23 managed to accomplish. 

NBA 2K23 Game Modes

NBA 2k23 Game Modes

NBA 2K23 offers a variety of modes to choose from. Here are some of them along with a brief description of what they offer for gamers:


MyCareer mode allows players to create their own basketball player and take them through a career in the NBA. Players can choose their player’s position, height, weight, and skills. They can also choose their player’s college team and draft position.

Once players start their careers, they will play games for their NBA team and try to improve their player’s stats and skills. Moreover, it also features a compelling story complemented by the excellent basketball being played.

Like NBA 2K22, MyCareer mode is also exclusively online. This allows players to participate in various events and challenges to earn rewards. They can climb the ranks of the game’s leaderboards either by themselves or with a crew.


MyTeam mode is a card-based mode where players collect and build teams of NBA players. Players can acquire cards by opening packs, completing challenges, or buying them from the auction house. Once players have a team, they can use it to play games against other players online or offline. Players can also upgrade their team’s cards by adding badges and shoes.

This mode gets a lot of flak from gamers for its purported pay-to-win nature. After all, players can choose to spend real-world money to get tons of virtual currency which they can then use to get better cards. This effectively turns the game to favor of the spender which does not sit well with basketball fans and gamers alike. Nonetheless, the game mode is still a lot of fun if you can get over that particular aspect of it.


MyLeague or MyGM mode allows players to take control of an NBA franchise and manage all aspects of their operation. Players can choose their team’s roster, coach, and strategy. They can also make trades, sign free agents, and draft players.

Furthermore, players can also control the game’s difficulty and the length of the season. Heck! You can even choose the era you wish to play on. This includes retro-style visuals and so much more.

This franchise mode can either be played online or offline. No matter which you choose, it will provide you with loads and loads of fun. After all, who wouldn’t want to lead their favorite team to a championship themselves?

Online Play

NBA 2K23 features online play where players can compete against each other in a variety of modes. Players can play head-to-head games, join leagues, or participate in tournaments. Online play is a great way to test your skills against other players and earn rewards.

These are just a few of the game modes available in NBA 2K23. There are many other modes to explore, so be sure to check them out.

NBA 2K23: A Tribute to the GOAT

NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge

The game modes mentioned above are great and all, but what takes NBA 2K23 to the next level is The Jordan Challenge mode. For the first time since NBA 2K11, players can now personally play the highlights from the career of the greatest player to ever wear the number 23, or a basketball jersey for that matter, Michael Jordan.

Better yet, this mode isn’t just a rehash of the same feature back then, NBA 2K23’s The Jordan Challenge is a different beast entirely.

This mode is so good that many players argue that NBA 2K23 is worth the purchase for The Jordan Challenge alone. Truly, the masterful work of NBA 2K23 on this mode is a worthy tribute to the GOAT. You have to play it for yourself to fully comprehend how great it is.


NBA 2K23 was the breath of fresh air series fans desperately needed after its disappointing last outing. It takes everything that worked in its long history and made it even better. The superb graphics are still there and the hyper-realistic basketball simulation is still present.

Truly, everything you love in a basketball game is here and perhaps made even better! Moreover, with the inclusion of the masterful The Jordan Challenge, it’s as if you are getting two games in one purchasing NBA 2K23.

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