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Is Marvel Snap the Next Card Game Phenomenon? – Game Review

Is Marvel Snap the Next Card Game Phenomenon? – Game Review

    Last Updated on April 27, 2023

It was only a matter of time before a collectible card game (CCG) based on the Marvel Universe, called Marvel Snap, would come. This game aims to capitalize on the white-hot interest of people with the Marvel franchise while also providing CCG fans with a viable alternative. After all, what could be more fun for a Marvel fan other than dueling with their favorite characters at hand?

So, can Marvel Snap compete with the space’s juggernauts, such as Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering? Does it have the potential of becoming the next card game phenomenon? Here is our review article for Marvel Snap.

What is Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap is a strategy card game for mobile devices and PC based on the extensive Marvel property. You’d see cards in this game representing popular Marvel characters from Captain America and Iron Man to Galactus and Thanos. Players duel with real players online or practice their skills against the AI. To win, players need to capitalize on unique combinations and formulate card combos to catch their enemies off guard.

From the card designs to the attack or effect animations, Marvel Snap is a truly visually attractive game. More impressively, it manages to look this good despite the game being made specifically for mobile devices. You cannot help but give the game a try because of how beautiful it looks. On top of that, the marketing behind it is truly impressive as well.

Is Marvel Snap Too Simple?

CCGs are infamous for being too complex and hard to master. This dissuades casual gamers from ever trying them as they fear they’d only get their asses kicked right off the bat. Marvel Snap addresses these concerns by ensuring that its gameplay loop stays simple and not overly complex. However, many argue that it went too much that way, making the game too simple.

Unlike other CCGs, building a competent deck in Marvel Snap only takes minutes instead of hours. In this game, your deck only has 12 cards with no duplicates. This small deck size makes it much easier to come up with card synergies. Not to mention, the cards themselves mostly have straightforward abilities. This is opposed to other CCGs which have two or three unique effects for certain cards.

On top of that, the entire duel can last only 5-10 minutes. This practically means you can play a full round or two on your commute to work or even when in the toilet. Indeed, Marvel Snap lives up to its name as rounds can truly be over in a ‘snap.’

From our personal experience with the game, we agree that Marvel Snap is much simpler than its contemporaries. However, to brand, it as too simple is just plain wrong. Despite the simplicity of the cards and the game’s straightforward approach to dueling, players can still come up with highly-innovative strategies to sweep the competition off their feet.

Is The Game Worth It?

Marvel Snap Gameplay

Marvel Snap is free-to-play (F2P). There isn’t any risk in at least checking it out. You won’t be overly concerned about its monetization tactics as well. Marvel Snap’s approach to microtransactions is far friendlier than most within the CCG space. While it may indeed take some time, you can unlock almost everything here without spending a dime. Moreover, the cards that require real money do not affect the game so much that you would brand it as a pay-to-win title.

Marvel Snap successfully hooked us with its ingenious take on the card game genre. Not to mention, its incredible use of the extensive list of iconic Marvel characters. Although much simpler than most of its competition, building your go-to deck here is extremely fun. Furthermore, the thrill of successfully executing your formulated combos is next to none. Yes, it would still take a lot of time to be competent with the game at the very least, but every hour you spent here wouldn’t necessarily feel like a waste. 

All in all, Marvel Snap is a must-try for all CCG fans even if you aren’t a huge fan of the Marvel franchise. For more game reviews and helpful gaming articles, stay tuned to our website. While you’re at it, follow our social media accounts as well.

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