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How Good is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy? – Game Review

How Good is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy? – Game Review

    Last Updated on April 26, 2023

Marvel’s Avenger the game has sullied the Marvel property games so much in the minds of gamers that we automatically assume any incoming Marvel game would just be as bad. So much so that some now scoff at the very mention of such. Believe us, that is such a shame as some genuinely good Marvel games should now overcome this stigma on top of everything else. Take, for example, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The game is spectacular, but because of the failure of its predecessors, it failed to reach its max potential sales-wise.

What is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy the Game?

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) the game was released last October 25, 2021. The developers also made it available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and even Switch. The game was made through the collaboration of developer Eidos Montreal and publisher Square Enix, and, of course, Marvel Entertainment

Marvel’s GotG game tells a story independent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Although the names, locations, and themes can be the same, you don’t have to watch the movie to appreciate this game. GotG the game’s core concept remains faithful to the source material. It revolves around the story of a bunch of wackos trying their best in saving the galaxy while learning how to cooperate and appreciate each other in the process.

Players would be playing as Peter Quill, the “leader” of the GotG gang. Along with Rocket Racoon, Gamora, Drax, and Groot, you’d be traveling from one planet to the next trying to resolve a universe-ending threat. Typical GotG hijinx, to be honest. The game is a third-person action RPG that involves several puzzle-solving and impactful dialogue choice sections. 

It is also worth noting that GotG the game doesn’t tell the origin story of the gang. Here, our five lovable weirdos have already been in each other’s company for quite a long time. However, that wouldn’t seem so considering that they continuously argue with each other. It is your job as the gang’s leader to keep everyone in line and keep the peace within your spaceship, the Milano.

Doing so wouldn’t be easy though. In some periods, the game forces you to choose to side with one guardian as opposed to the other. This creates either more tension or improved cohesiveness, making most of the dialogue choices matter in the grander scheme of things.

How Does it Play?

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Gameplay

Although there are technically five main characters in the GotG game, you can only control one throughout. That being Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord. The game is pretty linear as well. Think of it as Uncharted but with Marvel’s GotG property. Nonetheless, it has a very fun combat system that doesn’t get tiring even after a hundred encounters. This is partially thanks to the brilliant enemy design and truly enjoyable combat systems.

Seeing as he is the designated leader of the group, you can also give commands to your teammates in or out of combat. For example, you can order Groot to make a wooden bridge or tell Drax to lift a large boulder. These commands are usually reserved for puzzle sections where you have to come up with ingenious ways to proceed. Meanwhile, in combat scenarios, you can order your co-guardians to use their skills and even ultimates. That is as long as they aren’t in cooldown.

Even though you are controlling only Star-Lord, the game makes you feel as if you are controlling the whole gang because of how beautifully its command system and team-based combat features are implemented. 

Although there are certain sections where the five guardians would seperate, you’d spend most of the game with them complete. This not only ensures that players get to enjoy the whole dynamic of the group, but it also guarantees that no guardian will be outshined by the other. You’d feel just as invested as the other members, and that is truly impressive character work. 

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is like a Playable Marvel Movie

Playing the GotG game is like playing a full-length MCU movie. The spectacles the film franchise is popular for are there, the twists and turns, and even the humor. Again, bear in mind that the GotG game is entirely different from its MCU counterpart. However, Eidos Montreal successfully made a superb superhero game that it genuinely feels like part of the movies. If not, even better.

The banter between the characters, their relationships, their motivations, and their flaws also feels more fleshed out here. While you can attribute it to the fact that the game has a much longer run time, we honestly believe the credit goes mostly to the brilliant writing of the team behind the game. With all that said, if you are a fan of the GotG franchise, you should definitely play this one. It provides a much more personalized and interactive experience than the movies, and the quality is pretty much the same.

What Makes It Special For Us

Image of Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy

On top of the brilliant writing and super fun gameplay, Marvel’s GotG game captured our hearts with its genuine funniness and expert use of licensed 80s music. There are certain sections in the game when we honestly burst out laughing. Drax, in particular, is much more hilarious here than in the movies. And believe us, Dave Bautista’s portrayal of Drax in the MCU is superbly funny already! 

There are dialogue exchanges throughout the game that will catch you by surprise with how clever and funny they are. We can go as far as saying that Marvel’s GotG game is among the funniest games because of how wonderful its character dialogues are. 

Moreover, if you are a fan of 80s music, you’d certainly love this game as well. Have you ever wished to bop into the beat of Rick Astley’s music while blasting waves of enemies? Well, this game allows you to do just that! It would be hard-pressed to find any other game that uses iconic 80s music as wonderfully as Marvel’s GotG game has succeeded in doing.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a superb third-person superhero game that can pull you out of your boots laughing with its dialogue while also capable of getting your blood pumping with its insane action sequences. This game truly deserves more attention. This game is next only to Marvel’s Spider-Man games in terms of quality and enjoyability. To be honest, some may even find this more pleasurable to play. Nevertheless, this is a must-play for any gamer that is a fan of Marvel. 

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