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BapBap – All You Need to Know

BapBap – All You Need to Know

    Last Updated on May 16, 2023

Browser-based games have since gone to obscurity over the past few years. With the death of Flash games and the ever-growing grip of mobile gaming over the industry, browser games just seemingly have no place in today’s time anymore. That said, this does not mean that there are no longer any browser-based games that are worth your time. There are still several titles hiding behind the scene looking for a bit of spotlight to showcase their goodness. Take, BapBap.gg for example.

In this article, we intend to shine a light on the fun and truly impressive browser game called BapBap. Here is everything you need to know about it and how it fares in the current gaming landscape.

What is BapBap.gg?

BapBap.gg is a new hybrid multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and battle royale game that can be played exclusively on your preferred browser. As it currently stands, BapBap.gg is free-to-play and is still in closed beta. It is worth noting that BapBap.gg is made by a small team of independent Canadian developers. You wouldn’t necessarily think that, however, considering its genuinely unique design approach and truly impressive website design.

BapBap Gameplay

In this game, players are dropped onto a sprawling map with other online players. They are expected to duke against each other and come out as the last player standing. Furthermore, they also get the chance to collect items and weapons across the map to help them survive. Pretty standard stuff from any battle royale game. However, what separates BapBap from its contemporaries is its inclusion of MOBA elements. 

Much like Dota and League of Legends, players can choose from a variety of different characters. Each of them has their own unique abilities and playstyles, ensuring that every player can find that one character that fits them the most. However, considering that the game is still in closed beta, the choice of characters is still quite limited for the time being. Expect BapBap’s roster to expand gradually over the next few months, barring any significant blowbacks.

How It Plays

It is genuinely marvelous how the small team from Vancouver, Canada made BapBap happen. The amount of fun you can experience in this game compares to other high-budget games out today. Better yet, BapBap.gg is completely browser-based! This means that you don’t need to download anything and wait for hours just to try out the game. All you need to do is log into their website using a registered account and get straight to playing. This is perfect when you have some time to spare and is looking for a quick dose of adrenaline rush and great fun. Now, what more can you ask for?

At its core, BapBap.gg is a fast-paced, action-packed game where every second counts, leaving nothing stale and always on the go. Its expert blend of MOBA and battle royale elements make it appealing for both genre fans. Moreover, the game also features extremely stylish visuals and art styles that can easily hook anyone in. Lastly, BapBap.gg is also a very social game. It allows players to team up with their friends or with strangers to take on the challenge and come out the victor.

Pros and Cons

Here is a quick rundown of the pros and cons of BapBap.gg at its current state:

Free-to-play Browser GameIs still quite prone to bugs
Masterfully mixes MOBA and battle royale gameplay elements togetherThere are certain things within the game that are obviously not as polished as other MOBA or battle royale games
Fast-paced and action-packedTakes more than a few rounds to get the hang of it
Employs a variety of different characters and maps
A social game that allows players to team up with friends without any trouble

Take note that the game is still in its very early stages. Everything can change on the fly so treat this pros and cons list as but a guide. It does not represent the final product.


BapBap Maps

Although it is indeed far-fetched to think of BapBap as the title to bring back the glory days of browser-based games, it certainly holds a lot of promise. This game is fun and exciting. It will surely appeal to both MOBA and battle royale fans. It isn’t without major and minor flaws, especially since it is still in closed beta, but we are genuinely excited to see how the game develops in the future. For now, BapBap is an easy-to-access game that is dependable whenever you need short bursts of good fun.

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