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Where to Watch TFT Set 11 Tactician’s Cup 2

Where to Watch TFT Set 11 Tactician’s Cup 2

    Last Updated on May 18, 2024

Ready your boards and sharpen your strategies, as the TFT Set 11 Tactician’s Cup 2 is upon us! This event is a battleground where the brightest minds in Teamfight Tactics clash, seeking glory and a path to Regionals. Here’s everything you need to know to catch all the action and not miss a single play.


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Tactician’s Trials and Cup Schedule

The stakes are high in the second round of the Trials and Cups, with players from each para-region vying for a coveted spot at Regionals through the TFT Set 11 Tactician’s Cup 2. The Trials phase runs from May 18 to 20, kickstarting the intense competition. Then, from May 24 to 26, the Americas and APAC regions will battle it out in the Tactician’s Cup, while EMEA contestants will duke it out in what’s known for now as the Golden Spatula Cup and Qualifiers.

Viewing the Tactician’s Trials

Although there’s no official Riot broadcast for the Trials of the TFT Set 11 Tactician’s Cup 2, you can still catch the live action. For the EMEA region, the Trials commence at 10am CT on May 18. Stay tuned for times for the Americas and APAC regions, which will be updated as soon as information becomes available.

Where to Watch the Tactician’s Cups

The EMEA region’s Tactician Cup, or Golden Spatula Cup, will be officially broadcasted through Rising Legends on Twitch from May 24 to 26. For those in the Americas and APAC regions, you can rely on a host of content creators to bring you the event’s coverage.

Content Creators to Follow

Here’s a handy list of content creators who will be your guides through the TFT Set 11 Tactician’s Cup 2:

  • NA Content Creators:
    • Frodan
    • Denipon
    • Kai
    • Aegis
    • Casanova
  • Brazil Content Creators:
    • Luuluts
    • Finha8o
    • EzraTFT
    • Soubolinho
  • LATAM Content Creators:
    • Cesar Baker
    • Jupeson
    • RionconTFT
    • Feryfer

Tune into their streams for insights, commentary, and all the excitement of the tournament.


Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious newcomer, the TFT Set 11 Tactician’s Cup 2 promises intense battles, innovative strategies, and a glimpse into the minds of top tacticians. So mark your calendars, follow your favorite content creators, and get ready to witness a spectacle of tactical prowess in the world of Teamfight Tactics.

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