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Indonesia Teams Qualified for VCT Stage 3 – Week 1 Playoffs

  • PublishedJuly 7, 2021

The first week of the last stage of Valorant Challengers has already started, and with the first week of open qualifiers already over, we finally have 8 teams qualified for the main event. Boom Esports, being the last stage winner of the Indonesian VCT, automatically got a spot for the main event.

The top 7 teams that qualified from the open qualifiers are Somnium Esport, XCN Gaming, Bigetron Astro, Morph Impact, Onic Esport, Mencari Tempat Berlabuh, and VVV. With a shocking result of Alter Ego not making it to the main event after losing in the second match qualifier to Scaroo’s, and with NXLG as the two times champions of VCT absent from this stage.

The Valorant fans in Indonesia are getting hyped with the news of new rosters from several big teams. Bigetron with two new players, Budimeister and Vascalis from NXLG. Also, Fl1pzjder, the in-game leader of NXLG, joined Boom Esport. However, there have been no announcements made for the new teams of EX-NXLG players like Sayoo and No1syboy, but we have heard several rumours about Sayoo joining XCN Gaming and No1syboy joining VVV. There are also rumours about Xccurate joining XCN Gaming but we don’t know yet if it is true.

After all those news, we are waiting with bated breath for the main event. We know that we’ll be able to see some new metas, strats and some crazy gameplays! Are the new rosters able to fit in their teams? Or will we see a new champion emerge from Indonesia?

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