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Conclusion: KJC eSports VALORANT Invitational

  • PublishedOctober 15, 2021

KJC eSports VALORANT Invitational, a tournament where 18 Tier-1 Teams from all over Southeast Asia are invited to compete with an agent banning system has finally concluded. 4 Teams from the Philippines, 4 from Malaysia/Singapore, 3 from Indonesia, 3 from Thailand, 2 from Hong Kong/Taiwan, and 2 from Vietnam.

Started with 18 but we bid farewell to teams little by little from the group stage matches, playoffs, and then grand finals. For every map played, two agents were forbidden to be played by both teams playing. We were able to witness different setups from the teams as they changed their agent lineups and strategies on the go, truly #AdaptAndRise.

It was a long journey but at the end of the road, Paper Rex was the team left standing – Our first KJC eSports VALORANT Invitational Champions!

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