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Why You Should Try Pokerogue: A Massively Popular Roguelite Pokemon Fan Game

Why You Should Try Pokerogue: A Massively Popular Roguelite Pokemon Fan Game

    Last Updated on May 16, 2024

Have you ever wondered what a Pokémon game with a roguelite twist would look like? Enter Pokerogue, a viral fan-made phenomenon that’s taking over the Pokémon community by storm. This isn’t your ordinary Pokémon adventure. Instead, it’s a new breed of game developed by fans outside the usual ROM hack scope, combining the thrill of roguelites with the charm of Pokémon.


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What is Pokerogue?

Pokerogue redefines the Pokémon experience as a browser-based fangame inspired by the roguelite genre. You won’t need to mess with emulators or downloads—just dive straight into endless battles, explore various biomes, and encounter trainers and bosses like never before. It’s Pokémon battles reimagined, pushing you to build dynamic teams for an ever-changing series of challenges that diverge from the main series path.

Gameplay and Features

Pokerogue promises a gameplay experience bustling with variety. It features all Pokémon from Gens I through IX, so whether you started with Red and Blue or jumped in with Sword and Shield, you’ll find familiar faces. What’s more, levels don’t cap at 100 but can soar into the thousands, ensuring that no two runs are ever the same. The battles are the core of Pokerogue, where strategy is king, and adaptability is your greatest asset.

The game’s unique mechanics, such as the fusion system, allow you to merge Pokémon and mix abilities, stats, and movesets. This system not only gives you a strategic edge but also lets weaker Pokémon shine in new and unexpected ways.

Additionally, the game features a free egg gacha system. Here, you can exchange the egg vouchers you can get for free during your runs. You can choose between three capsules: Shiny Up, Move Up, Featured Legendary Up.

Complete List of Features:

  • Mobile support​
  • Cloud saves – seamlessly swap devices on the same account​
  • All Pokémon species from generation 1-9​
  • All moves and abilities from generation 1-9 available but not necessarily implemented (this is an ongoing effort, unimplemented content will be labelled as such in-game)​
  • 35 biomes with their own original background art, Pokémon pools, and trainer pools​
  • Animated sprites​
  • In-game day/night cycle​
  • Stacking item system inspired by Risk of Rain 2​
  • A large variety of items to find randomly throughout your runs​
  • Classic and endless game modes​
  • Daily scored runs with a leaderboard and egg voucher rewards​
  • Gacha system for Pokémon eggs with vouchers obtainable through normal gameplay (no real money involved)​
  • No level or stat cap​
  • Starter system, where any first stage evolution can be used as a starter once they are caught or hatched (including mythicals and legendaries)​
  • Original rival and player characters (1 pair for male and female respectively)​
  • Any 2 Pokémon of different species can be fused with DNA splicers to trade abilities, average stats, and merge learnsets (fused Pokémon are dynamically palette swapped)​
  • Various mainline gimmicks including mega forms, gigantamax forms, and terastallization​

Community Engagement and Update Roadmap

Despite its fan-made status, Pokerogue is developed with dedication akin to an official release, carefully avoiding monetization to sidestep potential legal hurdles with The Pokémon Company.

The developers are committed to expanding the game, with a roadmap that includes additional modes like Randomized and Nuzlocke, full implementation of all moves and abilities, PvP battles, Trading with Players, and more.


For an exhilarating and fresh Pokémon adventure, look no further than Pokerogue. This fan game stands as a testament to the creativity and passion of the Pokémon community. By trying Pokerogue, you’re not just playing another Pokémon game.

You’re partaking in a constantly evolving experience that reshapes how we play and think about Pokémon as a whole. Join the ranks of players worldwide and see what heights you can reach in this new roguelite adventure!

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