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What is the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Sandwich Calculator?

What is the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Sandwich Calculator?

    Last Updated on July 2, 2023

You can now make a sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but you’ll need the calculator. After all, it is one of the new features added to the Pokemon games as a minigame. While making the sandwich, you can choose to mix varying ingredients to get different buffs. These buffs can also range from increasing XP gain or improving your Shiny Rate.

So, how can you get an accurate list of all the buffs you can get with sandwiches? You could undoubtedly try to go through the many lists online, which will take tons of your time. However, you could use the Sandwich Simulator. It’s also the fastest way to know the resulting buffs or boosts of the delicious snack or meal you want to make.

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What is a Pokemon Sandwich Calculator?

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can use the calculator to make sandwiches at your Picnic Table. You can also make premade sandwiches in Recipe Mode, where you won’t have to think about what ingredients to mix. However, you can go into Creative Mode and choose up to ten ingredients to make your own recipe.

This is where you can use the calculator. After all, finding out what the resulting buffs are can help you prepare ingredients and save time. Although most trainers want to get the Shiny Rate sandwich, you can also utilize the other buffs to your advantage.

Using the Pokemon Sandwich Calculator also helps because the system is extremely complex. Most trainers find it difficult to piece together ingredients while hoping for the desired result. The calculator can fix all of that.

Create a Sandwich Using the Calculator

It is also the work of a fan named cecilbowen, who created the online simulator for this purpose. Trainers can now choose whichever ingredients without wasting the ones they have in-game. The simulator will also show the accurate effects you can obtain once you eat the sandwich. Yet, it also includes the existing sandwich recipes for players to edit as much as they want.

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