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What is the Most Popular Pokemon Generation?

What is the Most Popular Pokemon Generation?

    Last Updated on June 19, 2023

Did you know that there are now a total of nine Pokemon generations? The idea of making a video game this long-lasting is an amazing accomplishment. Year after year of new Pokemon and gameplay mechanics also makes it more interesting. Did you also know that there are now 1,098 Pokemon across all the released games and anime?

However, one of the most interesting questions that trainers know about is which Pokemon generation is the most popular. After all, you can’t just decide on which gen has the most powerful Pokemon. It would be too boring to separate them like that.

Today, we’ll be talking about which one among the nine generations of Pokemon is the most popular. You might already have an answer, but we’ll give everyone a chance to answer this in the comments. If you also liked this article, you can read more of our Pokemon content on the website.

The default answer that every single veteran Pokemon trainer knows is Generation 1. It is the only Pokemon generation that has the most popular species. After all, it made the most amount of sales which no other release could match for years. However, there is still a bit more explaining to do.

Other trainers might argue that it could be Gen 2 or 3. However, these Pokemon generations can’t quite compete with Gen 1. Let’s break down what we know about why the later games have no chance to even stand up to the first one.

In Generation 2, everyone loved the aesthetic and the 8-bit music that came along with it. The games also introduced new regular and Legendary Pokemon that had clean designs and mechanically-fit gameplay. It’s just one of the good Pokemon generations that everyone keeps coming back to for the nostalgic feel.

Yet, Generation 3 was when another big boom happened for the Pokemon games. It introduced new gameplay mechanics, Pokemon, and a whole new organization. It also came with three of the most iconic Legendaries in the in-game universe: Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. Even more, Gen 3 also had the remakes for Red and Green, which were FireRed and LeafGreen.

However, both Gen 2 and 3 couldn’t live up to Gen 1. After all, it is the most memorable and popular game in the franchise. Fans also want to go back to the classics because of the more notable bugs and glitches of the latest Pokemon generations. The first games also had the most popular Pokemon, Pikachu. Although the cute yellow furball of electricity wasn’t the first choice, the fans loved it more than the devs.

Treecko from Favorite Pokemon Generation

My Favorite Pokemon Gen

For me, Generation 3 should claim the top spot of the most popular Pokemon generation. Not only did they have the remastered versions of Red and Green, but they also had some iconic Pokemon. Personally, I really fell in love with Gen 3 because of Treecko.

Treeko is still one of the coolest Pokemon ever designed by the developers. It may not be the most popular pocket monster, but its evolution to Sceptile should make an argument. However, that’s just my take on the matter. After all, who wouldn’t love Treecko or Torchic?

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