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What are Region-Locked Pokemon?

What are Region-Locked Pokemon?

    Last Updated on June 23, 2023

Trainers also know region-locked Pokemon as region-exclusive. It also means that you can only find these Pokemon in specific countries or regions. The original concept also started with version-exclusive Pokemon, like how Miraidon and Koraidon are different from Scarlet & Violet. However, the developers introduced the idea in Pokemon GO which became implemented in other games as well.

Yet, it also presents a complex situation for Pokemon GO trainers worldwide. After all, it means they would need to travel around the world if they want to complete their Pokemon collection. Although it benefits trainers who live near the region-locked Pokemon, it seems a bit unfair to the other players.

However, the regions vary broadly. You might find some Pokemon exclusive to a certain country while also finding other Pokemon in specific continents. The developers will also allow Pokemon to switch regions occasionally during specially organized events.

What are Examples of Region-Locked Pokemon?

There are plenty of region-exclusive Pokemon around the world. You can find them in East Asia, North America, Europe, Canada, Australia, and more. There are also 51 different confirmed exclusive Pokemon all around the world. Here are some examples of popular Pokemon across different continents and countries.

  • Tauros. You can only find this Pokemon in the United States of America and Canada.
  • Mr. Mime. Trainers can find this peculiar region-locked Pokemon in Europe.
  • Kangashkan. If you’re looking for Kangashkan, you might need to book a trip to Australia.
  • Farfetch’d. Lastly, you can only find a Farfetch’d in East Asia.

However, to remind players, you don’t have to worry too much. There will be times when these region-locked Pokemon will switch regions for an event. Although they spawn in those regions, you can also hatch them from Eggs obtained from those regions.

Region-Exclusive Pokemon Kangashkan Australia

How to Catch These Locked Pokemon?

The whole idea behind the concept of region-locked Pokemon is to encourage trainers to travel and explore. It also promotes interactions between players because you can trade these locked Pokemon with others. However, it is true that it might not be as cost-effective to try and catch these critters.

It also allows Pokemon GO to maintain the longevity of the game. After all, the more region-exclusive Pokemon they add, the more you’re likely to travel. But, you should keep an eye out for organized events and actively participate in them. You might find the Pokemon you’re looking for in one of the planned events, like the Pokemon World Championships 2023.

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