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Top 5 Best Ice-Type Pokemon of All Time

Top 5 Best Ice-Type Pokemon of All Time

    Last Updated on June 13, 2023

Ice-type Pokemon are some of the most powerful critters in the game. After all, they can turn the tide in many tough battles. Not to mention that there are tons of other elemental types that are weak to ice. 

Even the strongest Dragon-type Pokemon can’t handle these ice-themed critters. Other types like Grass, Ground, and Flying-type Pokemon are also weak against ice. Yet, ice-type Pokemon tend to be quite balanced. After all, they do have lower speed stats and don’t have significant weaknesses.

They are also easy to beat on the battlefield, which results in a small number of strong ice-type Pokemon to use. It also results in a serious deliberation on which of the top five best ice types should take a spot on your team. Yet, you also don’t necessarily need to be too serious with choosing. After all, you can always try again through numerous experiments.

Without further ado, here are the top five best Ice-type Pokemon. Each of these Pokemon made it to the list based on different factors. These factors also include stats, move sets, abilities, and overall popularity.

Black & White Kyurem

Ice-Type Pokemon Kyurem

Undoubtedly, the top ice-type Pokemon is Kyurem. This strange-looking Legendary Pokemon has incredible amounts of stats. Kuyrem also has some devastating moves like Draco Meteor and Ice Beam, which are a real threat to most Pokemon. The regular one has 130 Atk., 130 Sp. Atk., and 125 HP, making it amazing by itself.

However, if you throw in the two fusion forms, like Black or White Kyurem, it becomes an Ice-type Pokemon beast. Black Kyurem obtains 170 Atk. and 100 Def. stats, whereas White Kyurem gains 170 Sp. Atk. and 100 Sp. Def. stats. These two fusions become too powerful for anyone to stop in the long run.

Kyurem also has one of the highest base stats in the whole Pokemon franchise. It is also needless to say that this Ice-type Pokemon was an easy choice for the top five.

Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales Fastest Ice-Type Pokemon

The Ninetales always remained a popular Pokemon throughout the franchise. After all, its performance and design always hit the trainers in the right spot. However, the Alolan form for the Ninetales just improves and enhances everything that was already there.

The Alolan Ninetales is also one of the fastest Ice-type Pokemon with a Speed of 109. It also has a great Sp. Def. stat of 100, making it the ideal pick for your team during battles. You can also let your Alolan Ninetales use Aurora Veil instantly because of its Snow Warning ability.

Snow Warning causes snow to fall on your opponent, dealing damage and decreasing their speed stat for a short time. Using Aurora Veil may increase your chances of freezing your enemy on the spot.

Galarian Darmanitan

Galarian Darmanitan from the Anime Series

Although it’s basically the Galarian form of Darmanitan, it also becomes an Ice-Type Pokemon. Most people would think it’s not too good with a Speed of 95. However, the fact that it has an Attack of 140 makes it a heavy-hitter on your team.

Yet, that’s not even when things turn in your favor. The Galarian Darmanitan has an ability called Zen Mode. Once it loses half of its HP, the Ice-type Pokemon gets a boost. Its Attack stat becomes 160 and it also has a Speed of 135. It can undoubtedly move first in some matches and can deal tons of damage when it does.


Mamoswine Ice-type Dual Type Pokemon

There can be no list of the best Ice-type Pokemon without Mamoswine. It is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most formidable Pokemon due to its dual Ice/Ground-typing. It has tons of moves you can make that make the most of Mamoswine’s 130 Attack stat.

You can choose between Earthquake, Ice Fang, and even High Horsepower. Yet, people often mistake it for a tanky Pokemon, despite its 80 Def. and 60 Sp. Def. stats. However, it does have 110 HP for some longevity during a battle. It’s all up to you how you can incorporate a strong ice-type Pokemon like Mamoswine into your team.


Legendary Glastrier

The last Ice-type Pokemon on our list is Glastrier. This Legendary Pokemon has some bulk with its incredible stats. Glastrier also has 130 Def., 110 Sp. Def., and 100 HP, making it a tank by default. It also has an Attack stat of 145, which means it can tank and deal damage with almost no consequences.

Even more, Glastrier has access to Chilling Neigh, the Pokemon’s signature ability. It can increase Galstrier’s attack stats, making it a force you have to notice. This Ice-type Pokemon alone is already terrifying in a battle. Yet, if you merge it with Calyrex to from Ice Ride Calyrex, the dual-form gets another 100 extra stats. Talk about unbeatable for a moment.

That’s our list of the top 5 best Ice-type Pokemon. Check out our other articles for more Pokemon content. After all, we write about anything and anything Pokemon to help trainers worldwide. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest news.

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