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Tips to Get Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

Tips to Get Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

    Last Updated on June 11, 2023

Catching Shinies in Scarlet and Violet is much easier than before. Did you know that the Shiny Pokemon became popular after their infamous debut in 1999 inside Pokemon Gold and Silver? It was also originally found in the Game Boy Color, and people have had a sordid interest in them ever since. Now, capturing one seems like one of the best achievements and goals for a single trainer across the entire franchise

Even in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there are now new methods to make capturing Shinies more fun. After all, there is a method to catch them in every Pokemon game that has Shiny Pokemon. Although there were nerfs for the Shiny Rate in Pokemon GO, you won’t find changes here.

It’s also much easier to find the odd-colored sprites in Scarlet and Violet. The base game has odds to catch one of them in 1/4096 chances. This doesn’t even include the tips we’ve got to help you find them faster and more consistently. After all, multiple Pokemon spawn wherever you go in the game.

Unlike the previous games, you don’t have to wander around bushes to encounter one Pokemon at a time. Now, encountering a Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet is much higher than in the past. Here are a few tips to increase this chance even more:

Have A Shiny Charm

It is one of the most direct methods to help you increase your odds to find Shiny Pokemon. However, getting the charm is not going to be easy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. After all, it requires you to have a Paldea Pokedex with complete entries. It also means owning or capturing all the 400 unique Pokemon in the game.

Yet, it does not include Pokemon exclusively from Tera Raid events. You won’t have to worry about obtaining any requirements to catch Shinies by going through that. All you have to worry about is finding and catching all the Pokemon in the Paldea region. Good luck, trainer!

After completing your Pokedex, all you have to do is travel back to Naranja Academy. You must talk to Professor Jacq in the Biology Lab. Once he sees the completed Pokedex, he will reward you with a Shiny Charm. It also increases your shiny rate from 1/4096 to 1/1365.67. You will also find that it triples your chances for Shinies to spawn in the wild.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Shiny Pokemon

Look For Shinies In Mass Outbreaks

If you’re not ready to complete your Paldea Pokedex, you can always try another method. You can always look for Shiny Pokemon in mass outbreaks. It’s also one of the best ways to look for them in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet without plot requirements. After all, sometimes the odd-colored sprite or two will pop up in different areas. It also signifies that a mass outbreak will start to occur.

All you have to do is knock out around 30 to 60 of the Pokemon in the mass outbreak. After that, you can exit the area, come back, and repeat the same process. It will also increase your chances for Shinies to spawn within the outbreak. Yet, you can also stack the Shiny Charm to increase your chances of encountering one.

Sparkling Power Sandwiches

A unique feature in Scarlet and Violet is the ability to have a picnic with your Pokemon. It’s a similar feature to cooking while camping in Pokemon Sword and Shield. But, the newest games up the features to satisfy your culinary skills. Now, you can trigger different effects by eating different sandwiches.

There are also tons of unique effects, but the most important one is Sparkling Power. The Sparkling Power sandwich increases your shiny rate tremendously. After all, there are three levels for the effects:

  • Sparkling Power Level 1: Doubles your Shiny Rate to 1/2048
  • Sparkling Power Level 2: Triples your Shiny Rate to 1/1365.67
  • Sparkling Power Level 3: Quadruples your Shiny Rate to 1/1024.38

However, you should take note that these rates do not include the help of a Shiny Charm or Mass Outbreak. Which also means that you can increase your rate even more. Yet, it is also worth noting that hunting for shinies will take a lot of time. So, play wisely.

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