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The Snoozing Snorlax ASMR – Time for Pokemon Sleep

The Snoozing Snorlax ASMR – Time for Pokemon Sleep

    Last Updated on July 15, 2023

The Pokemon Sleep app is coming and they are marketing it through the Snoozing Snorlax ASMR live stream. You should definitely check it out since it’s a Snorlax sleeping and you might catch some of its friends while watching. It will also guarantee a good night’s sleep that will make you drowsier than Drowzy.

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What is the Snoozing Snorlax ASMR?

As we mentioned, the ASMR is a marketing stunt by the Pokemon Company for their latest game, Pokemon Sleep. It’s also a live stream that will last for more than 100 hours as it stays online for a week. After all, the new game will allow you to increase the Snorlax’s power by sleeping.

Yet, the Snoozing Snorlax ASMR isn’t just for show. You will undoubtedly fall asleep as you watch and listen to the live stream. The experience is also surreal, with you listening to the complete ASMR sound effects of the Pokemon while sleeping.

However, the Pokemon Company also tweeted that Snorlax’s powers will increase with the number of goodnight comments. I left the live stream on for more than a day and I saw the Power count go up. Also, don’t start judging me because I wanted to go to sleep. I wanted to try it, okay?

Anyways. The Snoozing Snorlax ASMR live stream also markets the release of the new sleep-tracking Pokmen GO Plus+ device. It also includes the new crossover event in Pokemon GO, which you should check out.

So, you should go start checking out the ASMR. Who knows? You might spot some of Snorlax’s friends on the stream. Reports so far say that they saw a Jigglypuff, Slowpoke, and Pikachu on the live stream. However, we’ll leave the rest for you to catch. Yet, you should also catch some Z’s while you’re on the stream.

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