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The Best Grass Type Pokemon Violet and Scarlet

The Best Grass Type Pokemon Violet and Scarlet

    Last Updated on October 8, 2023

In the vibrant world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players are presented with a diverse array of creatures to choose from. Among them, Grass Type Pokemon stand out as a formidable choice offering plenty of coverage. That is why we must choose which are the best grass type Pokemon Violet and Scarlet.

In this article, we’ll explore the top Grass Type Pokemon that make Pokemon Violet and Scarlet an exciting adventure. From Meowscarada to Wo-Chien, these Pokemon are the cream of the crop, each with unique strengths that can tip the scales in your favor.

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Starting our list with Leafeon, this Pokemon is one of Eevee’s unique evolutions, proudly representing the Grass-Type. Evolving via a Leaf Stone, Leafeon possesses impressive Base Stats, including 110 Attack, 130 Defense, and 95 Speed. These stats make Leafeon a formidable Physical Speedster, ready to take on challengers.


Toedscruel, a Ground/Grass-Type, emerges as a defensive powerhouse. Its combination cancels out numerous weaknesses and grants it immunity to Electric attacks, setting the stage for an exceptional Special Defense tank. While Toedscruel may be rare, its pre-evolution, Toedscool, can be found in various locations, eventually evolving into this robust defender.


Arboliva, a Normal/Grass-Type Pokemon, possesses a unique ability called Seed Sower, which boosts Grass-Type damage for five turns after being hit by an attack. With above-average Defense, Special Defense, and Special Attack, Arboliva is a well-rounded addition to your team. Finding Smoliv and evolving it into Arboliva is a rewarding journey.

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Mow Rotom

Mow Rotom’s Electric/Grass type combination is a game-changer. Its Electric component cancels Grass’s Flying weakness and adds resistance to Steel. Moreover, it has Levitate, rendering it immune to Ground-Type attacks. In addition, Mow Rotom’s Defense, Special Defense, and Special Attack all exceed 100. It’s a versatile choice for your team, and the Rotom Catalog holds the key to unlocking its potential.


best grass type pokemon violet: Amoonguss

Amoonguss and its exclusive variation, Brute Bonnet, bring a unique twist to the Grass-Type. While Brute Bonnet is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet, both versions offer compelling gameplay. With differences in typing and Base Stat Total, these Pokemon bring variety to your team. You can find Amoonguss in the far north-west of Paldea, while Brute Bonnet awaits adventurers in Area Zero.


best grass type pokemon violet: Gogoat

Gogoat, a pure Grass-Type Pokemon, stands out with impressive stats: 123 HP, 100 Attack, and 97 Special Attack. Its Sapper Sipper ability further boosts its Attack stat when hit by a Grass move, making it a fearsome attacker. Gogoat’s self-healing move, Horn Leach, adds durability to its arsenal. Plus, it’s easily accessible, making it a valuable asset in your journey.

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best grass type pokemon violet: Wo Chien

Wo-Chien, a new Grass/Dark-Type Legendary Pokemon, awaits discovery in the Grasswither Shrine. Accessible by finding glowing purple stakes across south Paldea, Wo-Chien boasts impressive Base Stats, with 100 Defense and 135 Special Defense. Moreover, its Tablets of Ruin ability decreases opponents’ Physical Attack, fortifying its already formidable defenses.

The Best of the Best: Meowscarada

best grass type pokemon violet: Meowscarada

Now, we have reached the best grass type in Pokemon Violet, Meowscarada. This Grass/Dark-Type Pokemon evolves from Sprigatito and reaches its final form at level 36 as Meowscarada. With a Base Physical Attack of 110 and a lightning-fast 123 Base Speed, Meowscarada is a force to be reckoned with.

Its signature move, Flower Trick, always lands a critical hit, ensuring its dominance in battles. Additionally, its Overgrow ability boosts Grass-Type attacks when below 33% HP, adding another layer of strategy to your team.

In the ever-expanding world of Pokemon Violet, these Grass type Pokemon shine as top contenders in battles. From the versatility of Mow Rotom to the defensive prowess of Toedscruel, each Pokemon on this list offers unique advantages. As you embark on your Pokemon Violet adventure, consider adding these Grass-Types to your team. They might just be the key to your victory.

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