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Scarlet & Violet Concept Art, Game Freak Reveals

Scarlet & Violet Concept Art, Game Freak Reveals

    Last Updated on August 27, 2023

Game Freak reveals their Scarlet & Violet concept art and how they decided on their visual approach. They made the reveal at a CEDEC Awards panel in Japan, also known as the CESA Developers Conference Awards. Surprisingly, the reveal also showcases Game Freak’s initial plans for the game’s visuals.

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Scarlet & Violet Concept Art: The Initial Design

The initial approach for the art was Game Freak’s idea of real and deformed. It would contrast with a much more realistic environment than Sword and Shield. However, the Pokemon and characters would take on a more stylized look. So, simply put, realistic backgrounds with unrealistic characters.

It is fascinating to see the Scarlet & Violet concept art because now we know how it came to life. After all, they did achieve what they wanted it to look like. Yet, we can’t help as though something is missing that they couldn’t transfer over to the final design. However, we have to admit that the original idea is quite an interesting sight to behold.

The interesting part is that they did other effects based on the professional translations. Although with limited translations, we can safely assess the Game Freak finished their real and deformed approach. Yet, fans think that the execution is a bit of a debate because of how things look in game.

The Scarlet & Violet concept art did a swell job of realistically setting the proportions of trees and other environmental assets. Characters and Pokemon also look cartoonish and out of proportions. So, we can’t really argue with Game Freak since the game looks this amazing based on their original idea.

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