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Scarlet and Violet Pros Get Disqualified for Using Hacked Pokemon

Scarlet and Violet Pros Get Disqualified for Using Hacked Pokemon

    Last Updated on August 13, 2023

Before you start reading, you must understand that these Scarlet and Violet pros were not cheating. The issue was the latest and stricter checks caught these pro players using hacked Pokemon. However, it is within reason because you should be putting time into training your Pokemon instead of skipping the journey.

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Scarlet and Violet Pro Players Caught Off Guard

The stricter checks at this year’s Pokemon World Championships 2023 managed to screen pro players with hacked Pokemon. For those of you who don’t know, hacked Pokemon means critters that skipped training but are still stronger. The organizers caught these pro players using PKHeX to edit save data and create hacked teams.

However, some pro players did have reasons why they ended up using these types of Pokemon. For one thing, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet pros need to keep up with the meta if they want to win. There just really isn’t much time to put more hours into leveling up your Pokemon and practicing with high-tier teams.

Yet, some pro players did accept the consequences of disqualification. They also went to their social media accounts to warn other competitive players to get legitimate Pokemon. After all, this isn’t Pokemon Team Builder that allows you to use any type of Pokemon from all generations.

Although these checks were strict, Scarlet and Violet pro, Federico Camporesi, managed to win Day 2 with only five Pokemon. The officials caught him having a hacked ground-type Ursaluna and decided on a compromise to not disqualify him. After all, he could still play, and he did not hack or modify the majority of his Pokemon team.

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