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Poliwag Community Day Bonus: Pokemon GO Players Ask Where

Poliwag Community Day Bonus: Pokemon GO Players Ask Where

    Last Updated on August 1, 2023

Niantic has questions to answer after fans became upset about not receiving the Poliwag Community Day bonus. After all, any fan would have words to say since Niantic did promise the reward. Yet, how did this issue come to be? Shouldn’t this be about a glitch or bug instead of finger-pointing? Let’s see what new issues Pokemon GO has to offer to our distressed trainers.

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Where Is the Poliwag Community Day Bonus?

For those of you who don’t know, the event allows trainers to catch Poliwag and take advantage of reduced item costs. However, it will only be for a limited time — allowing players to focus their efforts on the event. This event occurs every month and also highlights different Pokemon and evolutions.

This community day was for July 2023, and it’s already over. Yet, fans are in outrage since Niantic promised them a Poliwag Community Day bonus for participating in the event. The bonus was the trading cost reduction for Stardust in Pokemon GO, which never happened. Players expected a 50% reduction, but the cost remained at 100 instead of 50.

Yet, the issues don’t stop there as players also reported not getting their login rewards and other bonuses. It is essential to note that these bonuses are only active during the 3-hour window of the event. So, the players who prepared for the event ended up not receiving most of the rewards for participating.

This isn’t the first time Niantic has shown remarkably poor performance for events. Although the Poliwag Community Day bonus is long gone, Niantic should address this issue quickly. After all, they still need to maintain trust with their player base if they want them to keep playing. They need to start showing up at the table, especially after their blunder with the Pokemon Routes feature.

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