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Pokemon Sleep App – Release Date & How It Works

Pokemon Sleep App – Release Date & How It Works

    Last Updated on July 9, 2023

The Pokemon Company finally revealed the rumored Pokemon Sleep app last Thursday. They also teased the app earlier in 2019. However, it’s different from the other games that they have. Now, you can track your sleep hours while catching Pokemon. Wait. Is that how it works? Keep reading as we tell you more.

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What is the Pokemon Sleep App?

Before we explain what the Pokemon Sleep app is, you should also know that you can register on the Google Play Store. If you register ahead of time, you can get notifications when the app launches in the last weeks of July.

Now, onwards to the explanation! The app is more or less a sleep tracker, which involves cute critters. You will also find yourself on an island with a Snorlax, emphasizing sleep. There will also be a professor on the island studying the sleeping habits of other Pokemon. So, your task now is also to record their habits in a Pokedex-style catalog in the app.

Trainers can interact with a new Snorlax every week, which will grow larger over the period. Alongside the Snorlax, you can also see the other sleep tyles for different Pokemon. You might also get the chance to see Pikachu’s “droopy-eared sleep.” These types of sleep are what you log in to the Pokemon Sleep app.

Pokemon Sleep styles

You can also feed the Snorlax berries in the Pokemon Sleep app. Feeding it will allow you to increase your chances of finding sleeping styles, especially rare ones. However, you need to keep sleeping to increase Snorlax’s powers. If you empower Snorlax through sleep, you can attract more Pokemon to the island.

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