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Pokemon Routes – How Does it Work?

Pokemon Routes – How Does it Work?

    Last Updated on July 23, 2023

Niantic certainly kept us all busy with tons of content for this week, especially the Pokemon Routes feature. It’s a unique feature that you can use while playing Pokemon GO. However, the more important part is getting bonus Pokemon spawns and Zygarde Cells during its debut. You might also get a unique badge after you finish a Route, including other rewards.

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How to Use Pokemon Routes

Simply put, they are set paths that you can either create or find along your walks in Pokemon GO. Unfortunately, you cannot start making your own routes in the game. Yet, Niantic did say that they are rolling it out at the moment. So, make sure to keep checking your email to see if it’s ready.

However, there are steps in place to create Pokemon Routes when they are ready. After all, it’s an important function for the From A to Zygarde Special Research event. It would make sense for Niantic to release the steps while they prepare for the rollout. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate a PokeStop or Gym
  2. Go to the Route Tab located next to the Nearby Pokemon tab
  3. Select the PokeStop or Gym as your Pokemon Routes starting point
  4. Select an end-point for your Route
  5. Begin Recording as you map your path
  6. Finish recording at your end-point
  7. Fill out some needed information and submit it for review

You might also be able to create a maximum of four Pokemon Routes per week. However, it does not mean the moderators will approve all of them. If you want to use a path instead of creating one, you can head over to the Route tab on the menu.

Submitting your route for review could take forever. So, might as well use an approved path that you can travel for Pokemon spawns and unique rewards. You might also get the chance to get some Zygarde Cells for Zygarde’s Forme.

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