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Pokemon Presents Might Have a Presentation in August

Pokemon Presents Might Have a Presentation in August

    Last Updated on July 29, 2023

Date miner Centro LEAKS finds a clue about Pokemon Presents, which has rumors of a presentation in August 2023. They found it while analyzing an update for Pokemon Masters EX v2.35. We might find something exciting during the presentation because of this specific line of code.

Pokemon Presents Datamine | Centro Leaks Twitter

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When is Pokemon Presents?

If you look at the code, it mentions a campaign start date: 1691499600. It also translates into August 8, 2023. Yet, if we think this information is true, we can hope to find exciting announcements at this year’s presentation event.

Pokemon Presents is The Pokemon Company’s way of a presentation about their plans. Although they were busy with Pokemon Sleep for the past week, they undoubtedly have something ready for the event.

We might also get to see the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC. It’s something that fans eagerly await, especially the dates for the DLCs release. We might also find the long-awaited sequel titled Detective Pikachu Returns. It’s set for launch on the Nintendo Switch this October 2023.

In any case, the Pokemon Presents event should cover Pokemon Masters EX. After all, the mobile game continuously received updates with new content. There could be new showcases for the latest additions in the presentation. Yet, we can’t leave out that they won’t mention anything about Pokemon Sleep.

Their marketing stunts certainly proved themselves effective and impressive. So, we might see more plans for the sleep tracker game during the presentation. Stay tuned to the website as we bring more information to all of you trainers.

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