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Pokemon: Path to the Peak Episodes Are Finally Here

Pokemon: Path to the Peak Episodes Are Finally Here

    Last Updated on August 17, 2023

Pokemon: Path to the Peak finally has the first two episodes of the short animated series. It’s a fun show where you can take a break from the games to sit down and relax. After all, having fun and enjoying Pokemon is what the franchise is all about. It’s also a unique series aside from Pokemon Concierge, which relates to the millennial audience.

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What Is Pokemon: Path to the Peak?

It is an animated short to celebrate the Trading Card Game (TCG), focusing on playing for fun and competing. After all, the game grew to proportional standards this year. It also includes the exceptional growth at the 2023 World Pokemon Championships. They released the animated series to showcase the story of how you can start playing and competing in the Pokemon TCG.

Although they announced it during the Pokemon Presents event, they recently aired the first two episodes. Pokemon: Path to the Peak also follows a girl named Ava who moved to a new town and joined the Pokemon TCG club. She quickly made friends and learned the game, but also learns that there’s more to it than just cards.

Ava learns that there is a whole new world with big challenges and bigger opponents. However, we’d like to say that the series is only four episodes. Although we would love to see the depth of Pokemon TCG in an animated short, there are limits. Yet, it won’t stop us from appreciating the fact that The Pokemon Company brought the TCG to life.

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