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Pokemon GO Scorching Steps Event Details

Pokemon GO Scorching Steps Event Details

    Last Updated on June 6, 2024

Trainers, get ready to turn up the heat with the Pokemon GO Scorching Steps event, where the coveted Shiny Larvesta makes its fiery debut. Not only is this event packed with chances to snag fiery Pokémon. It also brings egg-centric perks sure to accelerate your journey to hatch them all.

Event Schedule and Features

The Pokemon GO Scorching Steps event ignites on June 21 at 10 a.m. local time and burns through to June 25 at 8 p.m. local time. This burning spectacle reduces egg-hatching distance. This means you’ll be breaking shells and discovering Pokémon faster than ever before.

To kick off the Pokémon GO Scorching Steps event in style, your initial eggs get a super hatch rate reduction, down to just a quarter of the usual distance. Seize this chance with your 10-kilometer eggs to enhance your chances of obtaining Larvesta and Charcadet.

Event Exclusive Pokémon

Throughout the Pokemon GO Scorching Steps event, not only does Shiny Larvesta enrich the pool of potential hatches, but Charcadet also returns to the fray. Both Pokémon, only available in eggs, challenge your luck and perseverance.

PokémonMethod of Encounter
Shiny LarvestaEgg Hatches
CharcadetEgg Hatches

Beyond the stars of the show, the Pokemon GO Scorching Steps event brings an array of fire-type Pokémon like Turtonator and Litwick. While some trainers may lament Larvesta and Charcadet’s exclusivity to eggs. The abundance of other fiery companions ensures everyone can bask in the event’s glow.

Timed and Possibly Paid Research

Prepare for a sizzling set of tasks with the Timed Research offered during the Pokémon GO Scorching Steps event. While details about payment for the research are still under wraps, it’s clear that this research is poised to add yet another layer to your event experience.

As the Pokemon GO Scorching Steps event blazes a path through the Shared Skies season, it’s the perfect precursor to the larger spectacle of Pokémon GO Fest. With in-person events on the horizon, the Scorching Steps event is your chance to stock up and prepare for the extraordinary encounters that await.


Trainers, as the Pokemon GO Scorching Steps event unfolds, embrace the inferno and let the passion for Pokémon collecting burn deep. Remember that behind every egg lies the potential for greatness, and every step you take brings you closer to hatching success during this blistering event. Set out with determination, and may your adventures be as bright and unstoppable as the flame of a Charizard.

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