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Pokemon GO Remote Raid Limits Will Not Go Away Anytime Soon

Pokemon GO Remote Raid Limits Will Not Go Away Anytime Soon

    Last Updated on June 19, 2024

If you’re a fan of Pokemon GO, you’ve probably felt the ripple effect of Niantic’s decision on Pokemon GO remote raid limits. Despite the divided opinions and debates that have unfolded within the community, it appears these changes are here to stay. Let’s delve into what this means for your gameplay and why the topic has sparked such a strong reaction from Trainers worldwide.

Remote Raid Limits in Pokemon GO

Introduced back in 2020, remote raids became a staple of the Pokemon GO experience. They were a lifeline during lockdowns, allowing you to catch ’em all from the safety of home. But in 2023, the winds changed. Niantic altered the course by making passes pricier and capping your daily remote raids.

Changes to Remote Raids:

  • 2020: Remote raids added
  • 2023: Increased pass prices and daily limits

Understandably, these updates didn’t sit well with many players who had grown accustomed to the previous system—sparking a year-long call for a rollback.

Niantic’s Stance on Pokemon GO Remote Raid Limits

The recent interview with Pokemon GO director Michael Steranka might have offered some clarity but not the consolation you were hoping for. The restrictions on Pokemon GO remote raids were indeed intentional, and according to Steranka, they’ve been effective. Niantic’s aim? To get players back outdoors, engaging with peers and rekindling local community connections.

Response to Remote Raid Limits:

  • Niantic’s goal: Encourage outdoor play, reconnect communities
  • Result: Local communities are reportedly thriving post-change

Niantic believes this tactic is in line with Pokemon GO’s original mission, which always favored physical activity and exploration over virtual conveniences.

Community Response to Remote Raid Restrictions

As you navigate through any corner of the Pokemon GO community, you’ll notice a split. While some players might understand Niantic’s vision, others feel left in the lurch—especially those in areas where local raids are scarce. The changes in the Pokemon GO remote raid limits have hit rural players hardest, making it tougher to engage with one of the game’s vital features.

So, what’s next? If you’re holding out for Niantic to reverse the remote raid limits, it might be a lengthy wait. It seems that unless there’s a shift in circumstances, Niantic’s stance will remain. Yet, there’s always a sliver of hope that community feedback could influence future updates.


In closing, the Pokemon GO remote raid limits have sparked a massive discussion filled with passion and differing opinions. As Niantic remains firm on its course, it’s crucial for you as a player to adapt and potentially rediscover the essence of Pokemon GO as an augmented reality game that encourages exploration. Stay engaged, voice your feedback, and keep an eye on the horizon for any emerging updates that may evolve your Pokemon Trainer journey.

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