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Pokemon GO Raid Schedule June 2024

Pokemon GO Raid Schedule June 2024

    Last Updated on June 4, 2024

Trainers, gear up for another exciting month in Pokemon GO as June 2024 brings forth a new raft of raid challenges! Embrace the Pokemon GO Raid Schedule for June 2024, offering a mix of battles where you can test your skills and capture some of the most sought-after Pokémon. Get ready to team up and strategize, because this month’s raids come packed with potential for epic wins and legendary captures.

Mega Raid Lineup

Diving into the action, the Mega Raids promise to be as electrifying as ever. According to the Pokemon GO Raid Schedule for June 2024, you’ll face off against a lineup of formidable Pokémon, starting with Mega Pidgeot and culminating with Mega Tyranitar at month’s end. Here’s the Mega Raid schedule laid out for your strategic planning:

Date RangeFeatured Mega Raid Pokémon
May 23 – June 1Mega Pidgeot
June 1 – June 10Mega Gyarados
June 10 – June 19Mega Alakazam
June 19 – June 28Mega Charizard Y
June 28 – July 8Mega Tyranitar

The Prestigious 5-Star Raid Battles

Your skill will be put to the test in the 5-Star Raids of the Pokemon GO Raid Schedule for June 2024. From the legendary prowess of Zapdos to the might of Yveltal. Each encounter is a chance to prove yourself and claim a new powerful ally. Check out the schedule:

Date RangeFeatured 5-Star Raid Pokémon
May 23 – June 1Blacephalon (Western Hemisphere) Stakataka (Eastern Hemisphere)
June 1 – June 10Zapdos
June 10 – June 19Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
June 19 – June 28Yveltal
June 28 – July 8Ho-Oh

3-Star Raids and 1-Star Raid Challenges

For those seeking a different pace, the 3-Star and 1-Star Raids offer engaging battles for the entire month. Pokémon like Druddigon and Turtonator await in 3-Star Raids. While Paldean Wooper and Deino, among others, are your targets in 1-Star Raids. These raids provide a spectrum of challenges suitable for trainers of all levels.

3-Star Raids

  • Galarian Weezing
  • Druddigon
  • Turtonator

1-Star Raids

  • Paldean Wooper
  • Hisuian Qwilfish
  • Hisuian Sneasel
  • Bagon
  • Deino

Tips for Raid Success

As you prepare to take on the Pokemon GO Raid Schedule for June 2024. Remember to match your Pokémon’s strengths against the raid boss’s weaknesses. Utilize the power of teamwork, especially in higher-ranking raids, to ensure victory and the chance to catch the raid Pokémon.

For those limited by travel, Remote Raid Battle Passes, available from the in-game store, offer a way to join the fray from afar. Harness these resources wisely, and the rewards of this month’s raids are within your reach.


As the Pokemon GO Raid Schedule for June 2024 unfolds. Each raid presents a story of potential triumph, a narrative woven through collaboration, strategy, and perseverance. With this guide as your companion, step confidently into battle, pursue the thrill of the catch, and let the raids begin!

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