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Pokemon Content Creators Get Banned on Instagram

Pokemon Content Creators Get Banned on Instagram

    Last Updated on July 31, 2023

In a sudden turn of events, Pokemon content creators on Instagram are getting banned without any explanation. This incident also directly relates to the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) community. After all, most of the top creators received notifications that Instagram put their accounts on hold.

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Why Are Pokemon Content Creators Getting Banned?

Although prominent creators received bans from Instagram, no one has given them any answers. It also came to a weird half-and-half situation. Some creators could access their accounts after verifying their information while others remained permanently banned after appeals and support tickets.

Until today, Meta has not released any explanation as to why these Pokemon content creators received bans. Some users assume and speculate that it could be the usage of hashtags or links that resulted in bans. However, you should also note that these creators were family-friendly and credible.

Yet, we can surmise that it is not The Pokemon Company’s fault. The issue is with Instagram. After all, each of these creators was previously invited to the Pokemon World Championships. So, it was not the Pokemon Co. that decided to ban their accounts. It is now completely on Instagram and how their moderation system works.

What issues did Instagram have that resulted in the mass deletion of Pokemon content creator accounts? Was there a problem in the system or algorithm? Did the creators use the wrong hashtag or link on their posts? Instagram has many questions to face but with surprisingly a little amount of answers.

You would think that a business as large as Instagram would have made a statement already. However, we’ll have to wait a little more for new information. Until then, stay tuned to the website for more Pokemon news updates.

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