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Pokemon Concierge: The Anime Series for Millennials

Pokemon Concierge: The Anime Series for Millennials

    Last Updated on July 20, 2023

Netflix and Dwarf Studios have a new anime series called Pokemon Concierge, which will be relatable to millennials. It will also be a new take on the Pokemon anime franchise because it’s a stop-motion series. For those of you who don’t know, a stop-mo animation is similar to Coraline or the Nightmare Before Christmas. So, we’ll be able to see a new story unfold right before our eyes.

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What is Pokemon Concierge?

The stop-mo animation is the latest story in the Pokemon franchise. It’s not a joke when we say that fans love lore and stories about their favorite games. Take a look at Arcane from League of Legends and how it blew up on the internet. Hopefully, the new Netflix animation can take some notes from the success of Arcane.

Pokemon Concierge will be a more relaxed series, following the concierge of a hotel for trainers, Haru. You will also see Haru as any other millennial who’s burnt out and overworked. They also revealed the voice of Haru, Non, at the Anime Expo 2023 earlier this month.

Non also commented that Haru is a hardworking character but is also overworked. The plot of the anime is more of a slice-of-life genre, with Haru showing hospitality to Pokemon and trainers. She also makes mistakes and learns from them along the way, allowing us to have an insight into a burnt-out millennial.

Haru will also be working with the ever-adorable Psyduck, which is a perfect team-up. After all, Psyduck is one of the most anxiety-filled Pokemon. So, this dynamic duo will be perfect for the stop-motion anime, Pokemon Concierge. We’ll let you know more once we have all the details. So, stay tuned to the website for more news.

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