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Players Want Pokemon GO Event Feature Removed

Players Want Pokemon GO Event Feature Removed

    Last Updated on August 6, 2023

Tons of players want a frustrating Pokemon GO Event Feature removed during events. Specifically, this feature involves the gifts that players can open during an event. The gift involves numerous items that you can use for your Pokemon GO gameplay. However, players believe that Niantic should slow down on the gift aspect of the game.

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Why is the Pokemon GO Event Gift Feature Frustrating?

The recent Adventure Week came to a close but players had something to say after the event. It turns out that they had some criticisms about the Gift process during the event. After all, you can send these gifts to your friends, which contain useful items like Rare Candy and more.

Just to let you know, Pokemon GO usually has some unique event feature or reward that might glitch or bug. One good example is the Poliwag Community Day bonus that players didn’t receive after the developers’ promises. However, players didn’t have any complaints about bugs or glitches this time around.

Niantic finally receives some objective criticism from the players about the gift system. After all, players could also obtain limited-time Pokemon through Eggs during the Adventure Week event. The trainers think that Niantic should remove the gift-opening limit when an event focuses on Eggs — especially 7km Eggs.

Pokemon Eggs & The Gift System

For those of you who don’t know, 7km Eggs are Pokemon eggs that hatch after 7 kilometers of walking. The players want the Pokemon GO Event Feature removed to increase the chances of obtaining more eggs. After all, there is no point in the gift system if an event wants them to focus on obtaining and hatching these Pokemon eggs.

Players can only open a limited number of gifts, which means it will hinder them from obtaining more eggs. The trainers are also fine with spending money on buying Incubators during the event. So, there’s really no need for the limit or the feature at all. The players simply want to open as many gifts as possible to obtain more eggs and hatch more Pokemon.

So, it’s up to Niantic on how they want to balance this out. After all, the limits were put there for a reason. Yet, sometimes they can hinder a player’s gameplay experience. What do you think? Should they remove the gift system as a Pokemon GO Event feature? Stay tuned to the website for more Pokemon news.

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