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Players Like the Pokemon GO Riolu Hatch Day Despite Backlash

Players Like the Pokemon GO Riolu Hatch Day Despite Backlash

    Last Updated on July 23, 2023

Trainers love the Pokemon GO Riolu Hatch Day event despite some circulating backlash from other fans. The Pokemon Company released tons of content for the past week, overloading fans with so much stuff. Yet, it did not stop fans from showing their distaste for the Riolu event. However, you have to ask: “Why do they hate it despite being loved?” Keep reading as we solve this mystery.

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Why Do Fans Love and Hate the Pokemon GO Riolu Event?

The developers at the Pokemon Company have had a busy week, marketing for Pokemon Sleep and managing Pokemon GO. Niantic also rolled out a new Routes feature and debuted the Legendary Pokemon, Zygarde.

However, one highlight for the week was the Pokemon GO Riolu Hatch Day even yesterday. It was an event allowing trainers to increase their chances of getting Fighting-type Pokemon. Yet, even before the event, other players felt a wave of uneasiness toward the reward bonuses.

Fortunately, there wasn’t much to worry about during the event. It also ended up being a hit among the trainers who participated. There are also tons of players who received loads of 2km eggs during the event. For those of you not in the know, 2km eggs literally mean walking two kilometers to hatch.

Other players even experienced an increase in the Shiny Rate during the Pokemon GO Riolu event. That’s pretty surprising considering the fact that Niantic nerfed the Shiny Rate a while back. Yet, the event still received some backlash due to other incidents during the event.

There were other players who only received 10km eggs during the event, while others stated that the Shiny Rate varied. Was there a bug during the event? Could it possibly be isolated incidents outside of what Niantic could control? Hopefully, it won’t show up in the future but we’ll let you know if it keeps happening.

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