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Pheromosa Pokemon Go Raid: Weaknesses, Counters, and More

Pheromosa Pokemon Go Raid: Weaknesses, Counters, and More

    Last Updated on January 2, 2024

In the ever-evolving realm of Pokemon Go, January 2024 ushers in a thrilling opportunity for trainers with the arrival of Ultra Beasts in 5-Star Raids. Among them, Pheromosa, a Bug/Fighting-type Ultra Beast, stands out. Pheromosa draws the attention of players eager to bolster their PvP and PvE rosters with this offensive powerhouse.


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Understanding Pheromosa in Pokemon Go: Strengths and Weaknesses

Pheromosa Pokemon Go Image

The Pokemon Go Pheromosa Raid is a worthy challenge to any trainer because it is a 5-star raid. Pheromosa’s strength lies in its offensive prowess, thanks to its Bug/Fighting typing.

However, this Ultra Beast’s weakness becomes apparent. As it receives super effective damage against Flying, Fairy, Fire, and Psychic-type moves. In addition, Pheromosa has a double weakness to Flying-type attacks so make sure to utilize it.

Conquering Pheromosa in Pokemon Go: Best Counters and Strategies

Crafting a team made to exploit Pheromosa’s weaknesses is important for victory. Mega Rayquaza emerges as the best counter, wielding Air Slash and Dragon Ascent. However, if you don’t have Mega Rayquaza, there are other counters that has the same capabilities of defeating Pheromosa.

Here are the best Pheromosa Raid counters in Pokemon Go:

  • Mega Rayquaza: Mega Rayquaza has one of the best attack stats in the game. Its stats combined with its signature Dragon Ascent make Mega Rayquaza the leading Pheromosa counter.
  • Mega Charizard Y: The iconic Mega Charizard Y is one of the most powerful Mega Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Similar to Moltres, it can dish out jaw-dropping damage figures thanks to its Fire and Flying typing and moves.
  • Rayquaza: If you’re unable to get the Mega Evolution, Rayquaza gets the job done pretty well. However, it still needs the move Dragon Ascent to deal massive damage against Pheromosa.
  • Yveltal: The Legendary Yveltal is among the best Pheromosa counters. With its signature Oblivion Wing attack and excellent stats, it can make easy work of the 5-star Pheromosa raid.
  • Moltres: Moltres is a popular Generation 1 Legendary and it has resistance to Pheromosa’s strongest attacks. Also, it’s a strong Pokemon that can do a lot of damage to Pheromosa using Fire and Flying moves.

Moveset Insights and Raid Tactics

Pheromosa’s move set includes Bug Bite, Low Kick, Bug Buzz, Lunge, Close Combat, and Focus Blast. Trainers should strategize with this knowledge in hand to create the best team to battle Pheromosa.

Here is a complete list of Pheromosa’s Moves in Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go Pheromosa Fast Moves

  • Bug Bite
  • Low Kick

Pokemon Go Pheromosa Charged Moves

  • Bug Buzz
  • Lunge
  • Close Combat
  • Focus Blast

In addition, you should utilize Flying-type moves because of Pheromosa’s double weakness against it. Moreover, Flying-type moves are weather-boosted during windy weather. By following these tips, you can maximize damage output during Raid battles.

Shiny Pheromosa Speculation and Future Prospects

Pheromosa is one of the few Ultra Beasts that hasn’t appeared in its shiny form in Pokemon Go yet. This situation is similar to Nihilego and Guzzlord. Speculation surrounds potential updates or special events that might introduce the elusive shiny variant to the game’s Raid encounters.


Mastering the Pheromosa Pokemon Go Raid demands careful planning and strategies of counters. You should exploit weaknesses effectively while remaining vigilant for potential shiny releases in future game updates.

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