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Niantic Ban Wave for Pokemon GO, 30-Day Permanent Bans

Niantic Ban Wave for Pokemon GO, 30-Day Permanent Bans

    Last Updated on September 5, 2023

Niantic sent out a ban wave for non-compliant Wayfarer nominations. These bans include a 30-day permanent ban, which might be a little too harsh on unsuspecting players. However, it seems that this action by the Pokemon GO developers caused a bit of controversy. Is Niantic in the right by doing this? Read more and view both sides of the issue.

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Niantic Ban Wave: Justified or Not?

The current hot topic is the 30-day ban for non-compliant Wayfarer nominations. Recently, on Reddit, a user shared their story after receiving the ban for not meeting the Wayfarer criteria. That means a whole month of zero access to Wayfarer or Pokemon GO. Yet, this also means that Niantic is strict with its selection process.

For those of you who don’t know, Wayfarer is a system that allows you to suggest new Pokestops or Wayspots. It requires you to be at least level 37 in the game if you want to submit a nomination. However, there are requirements to meet for the Wayfarer criteria if you don’t want to be part of the Niantic ban wave:

  • Perfect for exploration
  • A location where you can exercise
  • A location to be social with others

Although there are reports of abuse in the Netherlands, unsuspecting players fall right into the tragedy. It becomes a system where the innocent players receive a penalty for making a small mistake.

So, is Niantic in the right for this ban wave? Do you think they should reconsider their penalties? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Don’t forget to stay tuned to the website for more news updates.

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