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New Update in Pokemon GO Filled With Glitches

New Update in Pokemon GO Filled With Glitches

    Last Updated on May 5, 2024

Pokémon trainers around the world, take note. The latest Pokemon GO update has introduced more than just new features—it’s brought a slew of glitches that are disrupting gameplay. The Pokemon GO Update Glitch has made it extremely hard for players to catch Pokémon, casting a shadow over what should have been an exciting update for fans of the popular mobile game.


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Impact on Gameplay

The Pokemon GO Update Glitch has particularly affected the game’s core mechanic—catching Pokémon. Players are reporting that Poké Balls are resetting to their original position, rendering them unable to make successful catches. This glitch extends to the Pokémon GO Battle League, where players are finding it difficult to compete due to frame rate issues, putting them at a significant disadvantage.

The community’s response to the recent Pokémon GO update has been overwhelmingly negative. The glitches have compounded frustrations already present from the controversial Avatar update, leading to a vitriolic reaction from players who feel their gameplay experience has been severely impacted by the Pokémon GO Update Glitch.

Workarounds for the Glitch

Despite the challenges, players have discovered workarounds to the Pokemon GO Update Glitch. By turning off the native refresh rate or reducing the phone’s refresh rate, some users have managed to mitigate the issues. These community-driven solutions have become a temporary fix for those eager to continue their Pokémon GO adventures.

Platform-Specific Issues

It’s worth noting that the Pokemon GO Update Glitch seems to be an Android-exclusive problem. iOS users have not reported similar issues, highlighting a disparity in the game’s performance across different platforms and adding to the frustration of Android users who feel left behind.

Broader Implications for Competitive Play

The timing of the Pokemon GO Update Glitch is particularly unfortunate, coinciding with events like the GO Battle Weekend. The glitches not only affect casual play but also the integrity of competitive matches, raising questions about fairness and the overall quality of the competitive experience in Pokémon GO.

Possible Developer Response

As the community grapples with the Pokemon GO Update Glitch, all eyes are on Niantic for a response. Players are calling for swift action to address the bugs and are hoping for compensation for the disruption caused. With the game’s reputation on the line, the pressure is on the developers to rectify the situation promptly.


The Pokemon GO Update Glitch serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between introducing new content and maintaining a stable gaming experience. As Niantic works to resolve these issues, the community’s patience is being tested. The hope is that Pokémon GO can quickly return to the enjoyable and glitch-free experience that millions of players around the world have come to love.

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