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New Pokemon Game Leaks – What We Know So Far

New Pokemon Game Leaks – What We Know So Far

    Last Updated on July 7, 2023

A new Pokemon game is in the works according to details of leaks found online. Although The Pokemon Company hasn’t released anything, this new addition to the franchise might be a head-turner for trainers. However, you shouldn’t take this article with a grain of salt because the leaks come from Khu, a hardcore leaker.

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What are the Leaks for the New Pokemon Game?

Khu, also known as @Riddler_Khu on Twitter,  is one of the most trusted leakers in the Pokemon community. The hardcore leaker also provided details on recent games before their release, like Pokemon Legends: Arceus or Scarlet & Violet. There were also some leaks about Pokemon Brilliant Diamon & Shining Pearl.

However, Khu dropped a major hint about the new Pokemon game. It’s also possible that there is a relationship between the new game and the Scarlet and Violet DLC. The DLC might also have a connection based on the specific characters and lore. Although the release of Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC is still unknown, this leak deserves attention.

@Riddler_Khu on Twitter

Alongside Khu’s image retweet, Khu also stated another one of the many-loved riddles “One of them grasps the key of the lore, not Lacey, and it’s a big spoiler for the next game after sudachi, which?” If we were to deduce this, one of the characters from Scarlet and Violet has a connection to the new Pokemon game. This character might also have ties to the lore, which is a major spoiler for the new game.

What do you think is the relation? Which characters are the target of Khu’s latest riddle? If you find the answers you’re looking for, mention them in the comments. However, if you don’t want to waste brain juice, you can wait as we bring you more updates.

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