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New Pokemon Designs Continue Expansion, Says COO

New Pokemon Designs Continue Expansion, Says COO

    Last Updated on August 20, 2023

According to the Chief Operating Officer of The Pokemon Company, the new Pokemon designs will continue to expand. However, their recent new designs for Suicune and Raikou received mixed reviews from the community. Although we haven’t seen the new Entei, we can guess that it would also look weird to OG trainers.

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New Pokemon Designs?

Although Pokemon has over a thousand critters with unique designs, they might be turning a new leaf. After all, there are nine generations’ worth of unique Pokemon. However, Takato Utsunomiya, COO of The Pokemon Company, says that there’s still room for more new ideas.

At the Pokemon World Championships 2023, a group interviewed Utsunomiya about challenges for new Pokemon designs. He answered that their new-generation developers will bring new ideas into the fold. Utsunomiya also says that he is confident in their abilities to brainstorm and think of unique Pokemon.

He also believes that there are countless real-life creatures on the planet. So, The Pokemon Company is still a long way from designing every possible thing. After all, they already expressed that having more Pokemon is not a problem.

However, Utsunomiya did express the importance of Game Freak’s staff to develop new creatures and generate fresh ideas. They could learn a thing or two from fans who make up their own new Pokemon designs. Yet, it remains to be seen that Pokemon will continue to push forward with new things.

We might see redesigns and new designs along the way. There are also possibilities of recoloring some Pokemon to fit the region. However, we can only hope that they don’t ruin a Pokemon in the future with the hopes of making it look good. So, stay tuned to the website as we bring your more news.

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