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New Pikachu Origins Revealed in Pokemon Horizons

New Pikachu Origins Revealed in Pokemon Horizons

    Last Updated on August 26, 2023

Pokemon Horizons recently took a trip down memory lane and revealed a new origins story for Pikachu. However, it’s the story of how Captain Pikachu received his name and his insane aerial maneuvers. This unique ability also helped and inspired a few more characters along the way. Here’s what we can point out so far.

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New Captain Pikachu Origins?

Before anything else, we want to emphasize that Captain Pikachu is an essential part of the series. Although he isn’t like Ash’s Pikachu, he impacts all the viewers when he shows up. However, we see them take a blast into the past in episode 18. We can also see how Captain Pikachu meets Friede for the first time, revealing his special “flying” powers.

This new origins story shows us how Friede and Captain Pikachu form a strong bond, sharing a hunger for adventure. It also separates Ash’s Pikachu from Captain, making him a more distinct and unique character in the story. This addition to the backstory also adds more depth to the anime, solidifying Captain Pikachu’s spot in the storyline.

The episode also shows us how Professor Friede took inspiration from Captain Pikachu’s tornado-like attack. Friede then went on to create the Rising Volt Tacklers and build an airship. However, it was a bit cheesy to say that Captain Pikachu wanted to see the sunrise on the horizon. After all, the series is Pokemon Horizons.

So, what do you think about the new Captain Pikachu origins story? Was it a good addition to adding more depth to the anime? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to stay tuned to the website for more news.

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