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Learn the Pokemon Secret Dish in Scarlet and Violet!

Learn the Pokemon Secret Dish in Scarlet and Violet!

    Last Updated on July 3, 2023

The secret dish puzzle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet threw almost every trainer off. After all, the gyms are different from previous Pokemon generations. You undoubtedly can’t fight your way to the gym badge by brute force anymore. Now, you will also find that each of the gyms has different challenges that reflect the gym leader’s personality.

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The Secret Dish in Scarlet and Violet

The Pokemon Company undoubtedly know how to create variety in their games. Sometimes the puzzles can be simple, while others need a little bit more effort to solve. One of which is the Medali Gym, which has bamboozled hundreds of trainers in search of the answer.

The Secret Dish puzzle in Scarlet and Violet is understandably difficult. After all, you have to learn how to order the dish before you battle Gym Leader Larry. This also means you have to find it at his favorite restaurant, the Treasure Eatery.  Although it sounds simple enough, there are dozens of things to do.

Your only hints also include asking the regular customers how they season their dishes. If you don’t know what to look for, you could also end up asking every person in town. However, looking for the hints like that can be quite perplexing. Here are the hints to find the secret dish in Scarlet and Violet:

  • Find the office worker in the gray suit. He will be eating at the bar, and he will tell you the first hint. It involves a nice squeeze of lemon, giving the dish a refreshing taste.
  • The next hint for the secret dish involves a girl named Adara from the academy. You can also find her located next to a few food carts near the plaza at the center of town. Once you beat her in battle, she will undoubtedly tell you her hint. It involves the ice cream stands, where you will find some Grilled Rice balls alongside four ice cream flavors.
Gym Leader Larry

Last Two Hints

  • The third hint also involves battling another student named Santiago. You can find him in the south corner of town, across the Pokemon Centers. He will tell you to listen to the blue birdlike Pokemon saying, “Meedyum! Meedyum!
  • Lastly, the fourth hint for the secret dish involves battling a student named Gisela. You can find her at the northwest edge of town. Once you win, she will tell you to find a dark spot surrounded by stairs. Don’t worry, it’s the small amphitheater right next to you. It will hint at an extra crispy, Fire Blast style for the temperature of the dish.

You can now return to the Treasure Eatery with all the clues. Although we advocate playing the game naturally, you can skip the search and input the ingredients for the order:

  1. Grilled Rice Balls
  2. Medium Serving
  3. Fire Blast style, Extra Crispy
  4. Lemon

Once the server calls out the order, the chef will acknowledge it. The ground will also start to shake before turning into a Pokemon battle arena. You will also find that the man in the gray suit was Larry all along. Now, all you have to do is defeat him in a battle and you can obtain the Normal Badge.

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