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Is The Younger Generation of Gamers Still Interested in Pokemon?

Is The Younger Generation of Gamers Still Interested in Pokemon?

    Last Updated on August 30, 2023

It seems that The Pokemon Company is interested in finding out if the younger generations of gamers are still interested in Pokemon. After all, it’s been more than two decades of the Pokemon franchise, with games, anime, cartoons, and movies. Although the franchise has a large fanbase with many continuing players, they often think of the young ones.

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A Younger Generation of Gamers?

It would make sense for a company to find out if there are brand-new users in circulation. After all, that would mean that the games they make have a circulation of both new and old players. Yet, it also stays in line with the theme of Pokemon in general. That’s why they have new Pokemon generations every now and then (We are on Generation 9, if you were wondering.)

A younger generation of gamers would mean that they should create more content and games. According to Takato Utsunomiya in an interview with LADbible, they should pass on Pokemon to newer generations. He also said that they have to keep younger audiences interested if they want to do that.

Utsunomiya also said that it won’t be an easy thing to do. After all, children are particularly honest about things they like and don’t like. So, the kids won’t want to play the game if it’s boring or not interesting. They will have to make Pokemon feel refreshing and new for the next generations.

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