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How to Get Shiny Mega Heracross in Pokemon GO

How to Get Shiny Mega Heracross in Pokemon GO

    Last Updated on April 27, 2024

Pokemon GO trainers, are you ready to add a dazzling Shiny Mega Heracross to your collection? This guide will walk you through the steps and strategies needed to capture this rare and powerful Pokémon during its limited-time appearance in Mega Raids.


Mega Heracross Raid Day In Pokemon GO: All You Need To Know

Catching Shiny Heracross

To embark on the journey of obtaining a Shiny Mega Heracross in Pokemon GO, you must first catch its pre-evolved form, Shiny Heracross. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Mega Raids: Participate in Mega Heracross raids from April 25 to May 2, 2024.
  • Shiny Encounters: After winning a Mega Heracross raid, a Shiny Heracross may spawn nearby.

Mega Heracross Raid Strategy

Success in Mega Raids requires a solid understanding of Mega Heracross’s battle characteristics. Consider these points for your Pokemon GO Mega Heracross Raid Guide:

  • Weaknesses: Mega Heracross is vulnerable to Flying, Fairy, Fire, Psychic, and Ground-type moves.
  • Resistances: It resists Bug, Dark, Fighting, Grass, and Steel-type moves.

To defeat Mega Heracross, assemble a team of Pokémon with moves that exploit its weaknesses:

Mega Heracross Raid CountersFast MoveCharged Move
Mega RayquazaAir SlashDragon Ascent
Shadow MoltresWing AttackSky Attack
Shadow HonchkrowPeckSky Attack
Shadow StaraptorGustFly
YveltalGustOblivion Wing
Incarnate Forme EnamorusFairy WindFly
Mega PidgeotGustBrave Bird
Shadow ZapdosThunder ShockDrill Peck
Shadow UnfezantAir SlashSky Attack
MoltresWing AttackSky Attack

Increasing Shiny Odds

To maximize your chances of encountering a Shiny Heracross in Pokémon GO, follow these tips:

  • Consecutive Victories: Increase your odds by winning multiple Mega Heracross raids.
  • Spawn After Mega Raid Win: After winning the Mega Heracross Raid, there is a slight chance that a shiny Heracross will spawn nearby. Make sure to keep a look out after you win.

Mega Evolving Shiny Heracross

Once you’ve caught a Shiny Heracross, it’s time to evolve it into Shiny Mega Heracross in Pokemon GO. Here’s how you can do it:

  • First Mega Evolution: Requires 200 Mega Energy.
  • Subsequent Mega Evolutions: Only 40 Mega Energy needed.
  • Obtaining Mega Energy: Win Mega Raids or complete specific Research tasks.


With this guide on how to get Shiny Mega Heracross in Pokemon GO, you’re well on your way to capturing this elusive Pokémon. Remember to prepare your counters, participate in raids, and gather enough Mega Energy for the evolution. Good luck, trainers—may your efforts be rewarded with the shiny glory of Mega Heracross!

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