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How Pachirisu Won the World Championships

How Pachirisu Won the World Championships

    Last Updated on June 13, 2023

Everyone might have already heard about how Pachirisu helped win the 2014 Pokemon World Championships. It is also one of the most iconic moments in competitive Pokemon history. After all, the little critter was around other large Pokemon and no one thought it could win. Yet, Pachirisu went on to become the most celebrated pick in Worlds history.

Now, it is a common understanding that Pachirisu isn’t that strong of a Pokemon. Not unless you are also one of the best trainers who know your own team. So, how did the little critter do it? Did it have a Pokemon Move to win every battle? Well, it was undoubtedly something like that.

Pachirisu at the 2014 World Championships

It was Se-jun Park, the Korean competitor who won the Pokemon X & Y tournament thanks to his wonderful Pachirisu. However, the small Pokemon did not have a flashy move that dominated its opponents. Instead, it knew the attack move, Follow Me.

Follow Me is a move utilized in 2v2 Pokemon battles at the Pokemon World Championships. It can also divert all the attention from the opponents to the caster, which was Pachirisu. This move also allowed the electric critter to tank and take attacks meant for its teammate. It also allowed Se-jun Park’s more powerful Pokemon to survive incoming attack moves.

Pachirisu Fanart from 2014 World Championships
Fanart of Pachirisu at 2014 World Championships | Image Not Ours, Grabbed from Reddit | Image Respectfully belongs to Artist

Since his stronger Pokemon could live and deal damage to the opponents, he won the championships. It was nine years ago, and the white and blue Pokemon using Follow Me to save Garchomp is still iconic. After all, since Park’s Garchomp could live, it meant they could win it all at the championships.

The Pokemon Company also decided to immortalize the skillful moment in the 2022 Pokemon World Championship’s intro video. After all, it is one of the most unique ways to win a tournament battle. The clever use of Pachirisu is the manifestation of a true Pokemon Trainer.

We wanted to share this iconic moment with you. After all, not everyone is in the know about the Pokemon competitive scene. You can also expect to see more unique ideas like this in Worlds 2023 at Yokohama, Japan. It will be a three-day event full of Pokemon battles that will rock this generation.

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