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Fraud Or Not? How to Tell If a Pokemon Card is Fake

Fraud Or Not? How to Tell If a Pokemon Card is Fake

    Last Updated on June 27, 2023

Figuring out how to tell if a Pokemon card is fake is a survival skill for card collectors. Enthusiasts around the world must also learn how to avoid scams and bad deals in general. After all, Pokemon card collecting or selling in TCG is a very risky and exciting hobby.

Thousands of collectors around the world face the decision to purchase cards from sellers. However, how do they know if the card they’re buying for $1,000 is indeed a fair price? How can they protect themselves from potential frauds looking to make a new victim?

Although it attracted players, the Pokemon Trading Card Game met the result of unverified selling, Fake Cards. So, you must want to start protecting yourself. If you do, you need to know how to tell if a Pokemon card is fake. After all, the Pokemon Company absolutely abhors abusing and breaking the rules.

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What are Fake Pokemon Cards

The rise of Pokemon trading cards attracted tons of trainers and collectors worldwide. However, the existence of Fake Pokemon cards became a significant problem relatively quickly in the industry. Yet, it’s also one of the most damaging crimes in the Pokemon community. After all, it’s quite hard to tell if a Pokemon card is fake or not.

These fake cards can also damage the reputation of genuine collections. Even the act of owning, trading, or selling counterfeit cards can lead to distrust in the community. However, there are ways to tell if a card is fake or not. After all, how can official tournaments determine which one is a fraud and which one isn’t?

Figuring Out if a Pokemon Card is Fake

How to Identify Fake Pokémon Cards

Learning how to tell if a Pokemon card is fake can be tricky, especially against those who intend to create fake cards. However, it is not impossible to identify a counterfeit. You will also need to be thorough and keep a close eye on the details. One such detail is the color difference between an official card and a fake one.

An official Pokemon trading card should have a deep blue color and be covered in a layer of glossy varnish. Start by inspecting the back of the car to see if it passes the test. You should also inspect the font used by the card. After all, fake cards often misspell words ever so slightly.

You should also take note of the picture quality, which should be crisp and not pixelated. At the bottom of the card, the border and design should also be consistent with other legitimate cards in your collection.

Other advanced techniques involve checking the unique Card Registration Number (CRN). You can easily find out if they’re fake Pokemon cards if you cross-reference them on a trusted card database. Try performing the light test, which is also another effective method. All you have to do is hold up a light source against the card. The card will glow light or dark blue if it’s real.

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