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Fairy Pokemon Weaknesses Explained

Fairy Pokemon Weaknesses Explained

    Last Updated on June 25, 2023

Fairy-type Pokemon weaknesses often confuse trainers due to the logic behind them. However, diving into the mystical world of these Pokemon should give you a deeper understanding. After all, you will dominate battles once you unravel their strengths and weaknesses.

This will also be a more comprehensive guide to the limitations and powers of Fairy-type Pokemon. If you’re interested, you can also take a look at our electric Pokemon weaknesses guide. You’ll figure out real quick how to take your opponent by surprise in battles if they have shocking little critters. However, we should have a quick history lesson before we’ll dive into the weaknesses of Fairy-type Pokemon.

History of Fairy-Types

Game Freak introduced Fairy-type Pokemon in Generation 6, which added a new layer of complexity to the franchise. They also added new moves, strengths, and weaknesses with the addition of fairy Pokemon. However, did it change the game that much?

The answer is: yes. The arrival of Fairy-types encouraged players to create new strategies and team compositions. After all, they also added new types to old Pokemon, like Togepi. Togepi was undoubtedly once a Normal-type Pokemon before Generation 6. Yet, they also included it in the Fairy-type transition, adding new weaknesses to the Pokemon.

Weaknesses & Strengths of Fairy-type Pokemon 

The developers also added tons of new Fairy-type Pokemon weaknesses and strengths after the introduction. Now, we also have Pokemon with unique moves, like Xerneas or Clefable. However, it should be worth noting that they focus on Sp. Defense. It also makes them quite resilient in battles. Clefable, a pure Fairy-type, is one example of the ultimate defense with impressive Def. and Sp. Def. stats.

Fairy-type Pokemon Clefable

One thing we should also note is how Fairy-type Pokemon are effective against Dragon-type Pokemon. They are also completely immune to Dragon-type moves, making them an absolute nightmare for dragon Pokemon users. Yet, it doesn’t mean that Fairy-type Pokemon do not have weaknesses when facing Dragon-types.

Although Fairies are strong against Dragons, one Poison-type Pokemon is enough to turn the tables. Poison-type moves are undoubtedly a threat to Fairy-type Pokemon. In double battles, we usually also see a mix of Dragon-type and Poison-type Pokemon to counter Fairy-types. Similarly, Steel-type and Fire-type Pokemon can also exploit their weaknesses.

Here’s a list to summarize the weaknesses of Fairy-type Pokemon. Fairy types are weak to:

  • Steel-type Pokemon
  • Poison-type Pokemon

However, although not as effective, they also struggle against:

  • Fire-type Pokemon

Understanding these Fairy Pokemon weaknesses might come in handy during a battle. After all, if you competitively play against other players, knowledge is essential. You also need enough to understand your strategy and team composition, which can determine victory or defeat.

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