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Electric Pokemon Weakness: Unplugging the Myths

Electric Pokemon Weakness: Unplugging the Myths

    Last Updated on June 23, 2023

As a trainer, it’s only natural to think about the weaknesses and strengths of your Electric Pokemon. Well, any Pokemon on your team for that matter. However, we’ll only be talking about the Electric-types for this article. After all, you’d want to know how to defend or beat Pikachu, which is one of the best electric-type Pokemon.

However, before you can start learning about their weaknesses, you’ll need to have a deeper understanding of them. Yet, you also can’t assume that some types work on them because of their electrifying nature (pun intended). We’re also here to debunk some misconceptions about Electric-type Pokemon weaknesses along the way.

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Understanding Electric-Type Pokemon

Electric-type Pokemon are critters with lightning or electric abilities. Most trainers know them for their crackling energy and high speed. After all, the original Pokemon mascot is Pikachu, Ash’s trusted partner in his adventures. Yet, these electric Pokemon also have their specific weakness. Their weakness is four types: 

  • Ground-type
  • Grass-type
  • Electric-type
  • Dragon-type

There’s a quick explanation for this. Ground-type moves are super effective against electric-type Pokemon. Although it has something to do with real-world science, electric Pokemon have a weakness against ground Pokemon. However, one of the most unique things in the game is the interaction between Grass-types and Electric-types.

Grass-type moves are undoubtedly not super effective against Electric Pokemon. However, these zappy critters have their damage halved against Grass-type Pokemon. In the game, this would show as “It wasn’t effective”.

Those are the weaknesses of electric Pokemon. However, that only applies if they are pure Electric types. If they’re a dual-type Pokemon, that’s undoubtedly a different thing. Pure Electric types are vulnerable to Ground-type moves. However, if they are dual types, they might not get affected at all.

Another exception or special case is when an electric Pokemon can negate its weakness. Special held items or abilities can make a Pokemon immune from Ground-type attacks. Even more, they also have a lesser chance of getting paralyzed, unlike other Pokemon.

Strategizing with Type Attacks

Once you have the knowledge of a Pokemon’s weakness, it starts to bleed into your strategy. Understanding which type of attack is super effective against electric Pokemon will give you an upper hand in battles. After all, becoming a Pokemon Master is not about having the strongest Pokemon. It’s also about having a deeper understanding of the critters, allowing you to bring out their full potential.

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