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Do Humans Eat Pokemon?

Do Humans Eat Pokemon?

    Last Updated on June 13, 2023

Unfortunately, we have arrived at a very unique question: Do humans eat Pokemon? Even more unfortunate is the answer, which is yes. People do eat edible Pokemon in the Pokemon universe and it’s been very straightforward in the anime and games. It even showed up in the manga, making the thought of eating Pokemon a canonical fact.

It’s understandable for fans to wonder whether Pokemon are edible or not. After all, in a world of large and small critters, you would have to wonder whether or not they eat Pokemon. Yet, the topic is always evolving because of the piece of media that release every year. Even more, the closer you take a look at things, the more questions you raise.

You also start to wonder if Pokemon are the ones providing eggs and milk. Would there be rules for that? Or would that include food-based Pokemon like Exeggcute? We’re running out of answers about eating Pokemon because there are too many questions that pop up. However, it does answer the question: Do humans eat Pokemon?

Do Humans Eat Edible Pokemon?

We’re not sure how to answer this question but yes, Pokemon are edible. Meat exists in the world and you can consume it from any region. Yet, there are also other ingredients that you can take note of like Moomoo Milk. These items or ingredients can give you an untold story about the food dynamics in Pokemon.

Humans Eat Pokemon Edible Magikarp

The Pokemon anime did not shy away from eating meat, with many episodes showing Ash hungry to eat Pokemon. After all, he did describe in one episode how Magikarp is ready for the deli counter. Even more, they even thought of making Magikarp into sashimi when they were stranded on an island.

An interesting fact states that Magikarp is at the bottom of the food chain. After all, the poor Pokemon would be easy prey for much larger critters. However, other sources for seafood like Magikarp might include Kingler and Sharpedo. The game even describes Basculin as tasty in Omega Ruby.

So, yes. Humans do eat Pokemon that are edible and easy to eat. We can’t give you any more specifics than that because that would lead down the rabbit hole of conspiracies. Hopefully, you found this article educational and informative to stay in the know about Pokemon.

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